You Need to Act Now Even Though the Court Date is After the Holidays

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For most people arrested for DUI during the month of December, their court date will not be until sometime next year. It is understandable that no one would want to deal with his or her case until after the holidays. Delay in addressing the problem, however, is a big mistake.

The ALS Process:

As stated throughout this website, when you are arrested for a DUI in Georgia, you only have ten business days to file an appeal of the automatic driver’s license suspension.

The issue is that since the court date you received is likely after the holidays, and as a result, many people do not read their paperwork until January. The result is that their license may be suspended for up to 12-months.

It is understandable that you do not want to think about your legal problems over Christmas; however, it only takes a few minutes to protect your rights. If you call our office, we can handle your administrative license appeal and make sure you maintain your right to drive.

Preparing for Your Defense:

A wise man once said, “your defense will not prepare itself.” Your Georgia DUI Lawyer needs time to gather all the evidence and prepare the best possible defense. There is far more to a Georgia DUI Defense than reading the police report. We always interview the arresting officer, read all the reports and supplemental reports, watch the video, and do legal research for any issues that arise from our findings.

If we are called a few days before a person's court date, we cannot do our best job. It is a waste of your money and our time if we are not fully prepared for court.

Peace of Mind:

Dave Ramsey talks about “financial peace,” and how being debt free is more than just the numbers. It is about how it makes you feel.

When dealing with a legal problem, choosing an attorney to begin your defense will provide you reassurance that everything is going to be okay. When you wait until after the holidays to choose your attorney, you will have unnecessarily caused yourself added anxiety.

Our office is available seven days a week, including on holidays. We are here when you need us most. Call now!

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