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Violation of Probation in Georgia

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Georgia Probation Violations - Probation Violation Lawyer in GA

If you have prior convictions of DUI or other alcohol or drug related offenses, you have likely been placed on probation for at least a 12 month sentence. In many cases, even for a first DUI conviction, you may have to deal with probation for several years if convicted. Probation is expensive with monthly supervision fees, and it is a great burden with strict requirements including random screenings for drugs and alcohol, which will be required.

Experience is the Difference:

For almost 20 years, Richard Lawson has defended Georgia Probationers.  As a former prosecutor, his office has helped hundreds of people with probation violations in Georgia.  His office has been the difference between jail-time and freedom for countless people on probation.  His office is devoted to the freedom and fair treatment of people charged with probation violations in Georgia.

Sometimes Mistakes Are Made And Your Probation is Violated:

There is a daily risk of committing a violation of probation while you serve your sentence. Falling behind on payments of your probation fees, missing probation appointments, neglecting community service, or missing drug and alcohol treatment classes, can leave you subject to a technical violation of probation. A technical violation of probation means that you did not commit any new offenses, but rather simply have failed to maintain the requirements of your sentence to the satisfaction of your Georgia probation officer (PO).

Your PO has a great deal of discretion in your situation and is able to swear out a warrant for your arrest if they think you are not complying with the sentence.  Often, this means that you will have to sit in the Georgia jail for several days or weeks until a probation revocation hearing can be scheduled. At this hearing, a Georgia judge can choose to reinstate your probation or revoke some or all of the remainder of your probation sentence. You may find yourself facing the risk of losing your “first time offender” status as well, depending on what the initial charges and conviction were for.

Violation of probation can also occur if you are charged with a new offense while serving your probation sentence. Even something as seemingly minor as a speeding ticket may be a violation of probation and may lead to a warrant for your arrest. Probation violations for new offenses are often treated more harshly than probation violations for technical offenses.

There are Options - There is Help for Probation Violations in Georgia

Georgia Probation Violation Attorney - Georgia Probation Violation Lawyer

Violations or potential violations of probation can be challenging. Let our attorneys help you negotiate with Georgia POs and judges and try to schedule a walk in hearing. We understand that time is precious in probation matters, and we work to get to the jail quickly to see a potential client arrested on a probation warrant. Call us now to discuss your probation related case details.

If you have charged with a violation of probation, act now!  Many times we can negotiate a walk-in hearing versus having to be taken into custody.  The sooner you resolve the problem the more likely you can avoid jail-time.  Contact our office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak to an expert about your probation violation in Georgia.

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