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The Law Office of Richard Lawson specializes in DUI Defense. Our founder, Richard Lawson, is a former Georgia DUI prosecutor with over 25 years' experience. His experience on both sides of the courtroom is the unique advantage you need to get the best outcome for your case. He is the top-rated DUI attorney in the state. Take a look at his reviews on Avvo and see why. Contact us right away to get started on your best defense.

Chattooga County DUI Defense

Georgia DUI law has significantly changed over the last few years. Today, individuals who are arrested for DUI face complicated court procedures and strict punishments.

When law enforcement pulls you over for suspicion of DUI, you will be asked some incriminating questions such as Where are you going? Where have you been? How much alcohol have you consumed? These questions are a sort of interrogation and will be asked before you are given your Miranda rights, and before you can speak with a Chattooga County DUI Attorney. Then, you will be made to perform a series of acrobatic tests (field sobriety tests) under physically and emotionally impossible conditions. Anyone would be hard-pressed to perform them well; even under the best circumstances. After all that, you might be asked to take a preliminary breath test by blowing into a small device.

If the police officer is convinced that you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will be arrested and taken to jail for processing. Under Georgia's Implied Consent Law, you will be given the choice to submit to the State's chemical testing of your breath, blood, or urine. Again, you will not yet have a chance to speak with a Chattooga DUI Lawyer before deciding whether or not to submit to testing. Contrary to what you have heard, the breath test is not always accurate, and many law enforcement officers are not familiar with the machines or proper testing procedures. If you refuse to take the test, or if the police get the impression that you are uncooperative, a blood test will many times be requested.

30-Day Warning!

If you are arrested for DUI in Chattooga County, you only have thirty days to keep your driver's license from being suspended. You (or your Chattooga County DUI Attorney) must file a request for an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) Hearing or an ignition interlock device. The State charges $150 to file the hearing request. If the request is not made within the thirty-day timeframe, your license will be suspended. If you refused the State's test of your breath, blood, or urine, your license would be suspended for twelve months with no opportunity for a permit. Do not think your DUI charge will go away; contact a seasoned Chattooga County DUI Lawyer right away.

After being arrested and charged with DUI in Chattooga County, you now have two battles to fight. Firstly, you have to contend with a criminal case against you. Secondly, you have the Administrative License Suspension from the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). Your Chattooga County DUI Attorney can handle your ALS case as well as your criminal case so you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands.

Understanding Georgia DUI Law

To be able to build a solid defense against a Chattooga County DUI charge, you must understand Georgia DUI Law. If you know how the law affects your unique situation, you can make more informed decisions regarding your Chattooga County DUI case. An experienced Chattooga County DUI Lawyer can help you understand Georgia's strict DUI laws.

The High Cost of DUI

There are many legal consequences that are associated with a DUI conviction. However, you may not know of some costly consequences you could also face.

One non-legal consequence is increased insurance rates. A conviction for DUI could cause your car insurance rates to skyrocket. Many insurance carriers review the driving record/history every two or three years. You could get lucky, and your insurance company could miss your DUI conviction. However, most of the time, they do catch it, and they might just move you into a high-risk category.

Your insurance company will more than likely raise your rates, and sometimes, they might classify you as too much of a risk and cancel your coverage altogether. No matter what, a Chattooga County DUI conviction is likely to affect your auto insurance.

It is no secret that Georgia's DUI laws are some of the toughest in the country. The cost of a DUI can be high, even if you are a first-offender. In Georgia, DUI penalties can mean a license suspension, fines, probation, jail time, and alcohol and drug treatment. That is why you need an experienced Chattooga County DUI Attorney to fight for your rights in court.

Employment Affects of a DUI

Did you know a DUI conviction can affect current and even future employment? As if the legal consequences were not enough, many professional jobs require a clean motor vehicle record (MVR). Also, if you drive a company car, your DUI conviction could appear on your routine background check. That could cause you to be terminated from employment due to company policy or because they look at you like a business liability.


If you are arrested for misdemeanor DUI within the limits of an incorporated city, your case would be heard in that city's municipal court.

Summerville GA Municipal Court

If you were arrested for DUI in Summerville, GA, you need a Summerville GA DUI Lawyer by your side in Summerville GA Municipal Court. The Honorable Samuel C. Finster, Sr. is the Municipal Court Judge, and Stacy Fountain is the Chief Clerk. Court is held at 120 Georgia Avenue, Summerville, Georgia 30747. Call (706) 859-0900 for more information. When you need a DUI Lawyer in Summerville, GA, choose the Law Offices of Richard Lawson.

Trion Municipal Court

A DUI arrest in Trion requires the skill of a seasoned Trion DUI Lawyer. Your case would be heard in Trion Municipal Court with the Honorable Tracy L. Maddux presiding, and Lisa M. Richardson as the Chief Clerk. Court is held at Trion Town Hall at 1220 Pine Street, Trion, Georgia 30753. When you need a DUI Lawyer in Trion, look no further than the top-rated DUI experts with the Law Offices of Richard Lawson.

Chattooga County State Court

If you were arrested in an unincorporated area of Chattooga County or if you would like a jury trial, your case would be heard in Chattooga County State Court. The Honorable John R. Dennis is the State Court Judge. Court is held at the Chattooga County Courthouse at 26 West Washington Street, Summerville, Georgia 30747.

Chattooga County Superior Court

Superior Court has jurisdiction over all felony cases. Kim Windle James is the Chattooga County Superior Court Clerk. She may be reached at (706) 857-0706. Court is held at the Chattooga County Cpurthouse at 26 West Washington Street, Summerville, Georgia 30747.

Chattooga County Superior Court is part of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit, along with Catoosa, Dade, and Walker counties. There are four judges who hear cases:

Judge Jon Bolling Wood
P. O. Box 1185 
LaFayette, GA 30728
(706) 638-1650
Judge Kristina Cook Graham 
P.O. Box 179
Summerville, GA 30747
(706) 857-0715
Judge Ralph Van Pelt, Jr. 
Catoosa County Courthouse
875 LaFayette Street, Room 206
Ringgold, Georgia 30736
(706) 965-4047
Judge Brian House
P.O. Box 609 
Trenton, Georgia 30752
(706) 657-7131

The Chief Prosecuting Officer for Superior Court is the District Attorney's Office. The District Attorney for Chattooga Superior Court is Buzz Franklin. His contact information is as follows:

Buzz Franklin
P.O. Box 1025 
LaFayette, GA 30728
(706) 638-2121

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When you need an experienced DUI Lawyer in Chattooga County, contact the Law Offices of Richard Lawson for a free consultation. Our DUI Attorneys in Chattooga County have substantial experience in DUI Defense. Put that experience to work for you. Contact a skilled Chattooga DUI Lawyer about your DUI case today.

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  • This case was in Helen Municipal Court.  The client was charged with a DUI and four counts of DUI Child Endangerment.  In Georgia, for every child under the age of 14 in a vehicle it is considered a separate DUI offense.  The client would have been declared an habitual violator from one arrest an... Read On

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