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If you have been arrested in the City of Forsyth Georgia or in unincorporated Monroe County GA, you need serious legal assistance as soon as possible. If you are arrested within the City limits of Forsyth GA, your case will have it's initial court date (the arraignment) in the City of Forsyth Municipal Court.  If you were arrested anywhere else in the county, the case will have it's arraignment in either the Monroe County Probate Court or in the Monroe County Superior Court for felony DUI cases.

Richard Lawson has been defending people throughout Georgia for over 25 years. He is the top-rated and most reviewed Monroe County DUI Lawyer.  As a former DUI prosecutor, he knows both sides of your case, and he will use that knowledge to help fight and win your case.  His reviews can be found on Avvo. Your case will not defend itself.  You need to hire a qualified Monroe County DUI Attorney as soon as possible because you only have thirty days to protect your right to drive.

A Monroe County DUI Is Actually Two Cases Against You - The Criminal Case And The Attempt To Suspend Your Driver's License Administratively:

30-Day Warning For DUI Arrests In Monroe County GA

If you have been arrested for DUI in Monroe County or in the City of Forsyth GA you must take immediate steps to protect your privilege to drive.  The steps needed include filing an appeal of the automatic suspension of your driver's license.  It is your responsibility to hire a Monroe County DUI Lawyer to file the appeal. This appeal is called a 30-day letter.

Once this letter is filed, you will receive a separate court date that will occur before your arraignment in the criminal court. The key fact is that you are only entitled to a hearing if it is requested by your Monroe County DUI Attorney.  Failure to request the hearing can result in a suspended license. In cases that involve an alleged refusal to submit to testing, the suspension is for 12 months.  In the event of a suspension, based on an alleged refusal to submit to testing, you will not qualify for a hardship or restricted license of any kind.

The Monroe County Georgia Court System Explained:

Understanding the DUI Process in Monroe County is extremely important to a successful Defense. You need to hire professionals that know the prosecutors and judges involved in your case.  You need to hire the best Monroe County DUI Lawyers to help you get the best possible outcome in your case.  Without help, you could experience DUI penalties that are disproportionally unfair.  You could lose your license and be burdened with expensive fines.  You could even go to jail.  For first time offenders, most of those consequences do not have to happen. Our Monroe County DUI Attorneys know how to help you when you need it most.

City of Forsyth Georgia Municipal Court:

If your DUI arrest occurs within the City Limits of Forsyth GA, your initial arraignment will be held in the Forsyth Municipal Court.  After an arrest, it is important to hire the Best City of Forsyth DUI Attorneys to fight for your rights.

The Court is located at 26 North Jackson Street Forsyth GA, 31029.  The Chief Judge is the Honorable Kristi Lovelace.  The Solicitor (prosecutor) is Amy Smith Boyer.  She is responsible for representing the police officer who arrested you.  She is always willing to speak to anyone accused of a crime or misdemeanor traffic offense. However, always remember that she is not your attorney and can use anything you say to her against you. As a result, it is always best to hire a City of Forsyth DUI Lawyer to help you with your case.  Only a City of Forsyth DUI Attorney will know the best defense to present in your case and discuss with the prosecutor.

The clerk of the Forsyth GA Municipal Court is Janet Eldridge.  Her responsibility is to process all cases and report outcomes to the State of Georgia and the Department of Driver Services.  She is not an attorney and cannot provide you legal advice. However, she is available to answer basic questions at 478-994-5649.  For more information, the City of Forsyth Georgia Website is a good resource.

As with any municipal court, the jurisdiction of the court is limited to prosecuting traffic offenses, traffic tickets, DUI cases, possession of marijuana, city ordinances, and shoplifting.  In the event the case does not settle in city court, the case will be bound over to the Superior Court of Monroe County.  All jury trials are heard in Superior Court, as well as all felony cases.

In municipal court, your City of Forsyth DUI Attorneys will negotiate with the prosecutor, with the goal of getting the least amount of punishment.  Additionally, City of Forsyth DUI Lawyers will present defenses that may lead to a reduction of your DUI case to a lessor offense such as reckless driving. This is why anyone accused should act immediately to protect their rights.  The rights of the accused are only protected when people take affirmative steps, the first of which is hiring the best City of Forsyth DUI Lawyers.

Map to City of Forsyth Georgia Municipal Court

Monroe County Georgia Probate Court

If your arrest occurred outside the city limits of Forsyth, in the unincorporated areas of Monroe County, your arraignment will be held in the Monroe County Probate Court. The reason the case is held in probate court is because in smaller counties there is insufficient need to have a separate probate court and traffic court.  As a result, the elected probate court judge serves as both the probate judge and traffic court judge.

The Monroe County Probate Court has jurisdiction over traffic tickets, possession of marijuana cases, misdemeanor traffic offenses, and, of course, DUI.  However, there are no jury trials in probate court.  In Monroe county, if you want to have a trial by jury, the case must be sent (bound-over) to the Superior Court of Monroe County.  The Probate Court can hold a bench trial (trial by judge).  However, our advice is to never waive your right to a jury trial until you have consulted with one of the Monroe County DUI Lawyers from our office.

The Monroe County Probate Court Judge is the Honorable Karen Pitman.  Her office number is 478-994-7036.  However, always remember that a judge cannot discuss a case with anyone without all parties present. The parties in a DUI case include the police officer and the prosecutor. The prosecutor in Monroe County is the District Attorney.  The Probate Court is held in the beautiful historic courthouse at 1 Courthouse Square Forsyth GA, 31029.

Map To The Monroe County Georgia Probate Court:

Monroe County Georgia Superior Court:

The Monroe County Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction of all Felony DUI cases, including Habitual Violator, 4th Georgia DUI, Vehicular Homicide In The First Degree, and Serious Injury By Vehicle.  Additionally, all cases bound over from Municipal Court or Probate Court will be heard in Superior Court.  In Superior Court, Monroe County DUI Attorneys can elect to plea bargain a case (negotiate), have a bench trial (a trial by the judge only), or a jury trial of six persons for misdemeanors or twelve persons in Felony DUI cases.

The Clerk of the Superior Court is the Honorable Lynn Ham.  Her physical address is at the historic courthouse at 1 Courthouse Square Forsyth GA 31029.  Her mailing address is PO Box 450 Forsyth GA, 31029.  She and her staff can answer basic questions but cannot give anyone legal advice.  For more information, visit the Monroe County GA Clerk of Court Website

The Judges of the Monroe Superior Court are part of the Towaliga Judicial Circuit, which includes Monroe County, Butts County, and Lamar County.  There are two circuit judges that hear cases in the three-county circuit.  They are:

Honorable Thomas H. Wilson
Chief Judge of Superior Court
Towaliga Judicial Circuit
Monroe County Courthouse
2nd Floor
Forsyth, GA 31029

Honorable William A. Fears
Towaliga Judicial Circuit
Butts County Courthouse
P. O. Box 531
Jackson, GA 30233

As already advised earlier in this article, never try to speak to a Superior Court judge without all parties to the litigation being present.  Contacting a judge directly can lead to a contempt of court citation.  Contacting the judge can also cause your case to receive additional scrutiny which will hurt your chances of a fair outcome.

The Chief Prosecuting Officer in Superior Court is the District Attorney's Office.  The DA in Monroe County is Richard Milam.  His main job is to prosecute criminal offenses throughout the three-county circuit.  His main office is in Jackson Georgia, with satellite offices in the other two counties:

Mr. Richard Milam
District Attorney
Towaliga Judicial Circuit
Suite 8, 625 West Third Street
Jackson, GA 30233

The District Attorney's office is always willing to discuss your case when you have not hired your own lawyer.  However, anything said to him or anyone on his staff can and will be used against you. He is your adversary, not the person whose job it is to protect your rights and your freedom.  Always hire the best Monroe County DUI Attorneys to fight for you and protect your rights.  Our advice is to never speak to a prosecutor without counsel, period.

Map to The Monroe County Superior Court

Act Now To Protect Your Rights - There Is Always Hope

We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you.  The City of Forsyth DUI Attorneys from our office are dedicated to helping you get the best possible outcome.  Always remember that there are specific timelines and deadlines that are applicable to your case.  The first and most important deadline is to file your ALS Hearing Request within thirty days of your arrest.  Delay in action may result in the loss of your license or your freedom.

Our Monroe County DUI Lawyers and City of Forsyth DUI Lawyers are here when you need it most.  Call now for immediate legal attention. Your best defense begins here!

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