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Georgia's Super Speeder Law Explained:

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Pursuant to O.C.G.A § 40-6-189, drivers in Georgia must pay an additional penalty for driving too fast.  As of 2010, you will be classified as a “Super Speeder” if you are convicted of speeding at 75 mph or more on a two-lane road or at 85 mph or more on any other road or highway in Georgia.

The “Super Speeder Law” was created with public safety in mind. The collection of additional fine money, however, cannot be ignored. According to state statistics, Georgia has collected over $120 million in revenue in four years.  While this money is supposed to fund "trauma care," since money is fungible, it is simply deposited in the State's general fund.

The additional fine amount in Super Speeder cases is $200.00.  This fine is above and beyond whatever fine was paid or collected in court.  The extra fine confuses many unrepresented people.  The fine collected in court is irrelevant to the additional $200 fine.

Where Does The Super Speeder Law Apply?

Under Georgia's Super Speeder law, the term “two-lane road or highway” means “a road or highway with two lanes for through-traffic movement, exclusive of any portion of the road or highway adjoining the traveled way for parking, speed change, turning, weaving, truck climbing, or other purposes supplementary to through-traffic movement.”

To be clear, if you are driving on a two-lane divided road, it applies when you are going 75 MPH.  If you are driving on a highway, it applies if you are going 85 MPH.  In both situations, the speed limit is irrelevant.  So, the following situations are all Super Speeder violations, even though the applicable speed limits are different:

  • 75 MPH in a 55 zone (2 lane road)                  = Super Speeder
  • 85 MPH in a 55 zone (highway)                       = Super Speeder
  • 85 MPH in a 60 zone (highway)                       = Super Speeder
  • 85 MPH in a 65 zone (highway)                       = Super Speeder
  • 85 MPH in a 70 zone (interstate highway)       = Super Speeder

How Will I Know If I am Classified a “Super Speeder?”

The Department of Driver Services (“DDS”) will receive notice after you are convicted for speeding at 75 mph or more on a two-lane road or highway or at 85 mph and above on any road or highway in Georgia.  DDS will then notify you via first-class mail of the Super Speeder violation.  The letter will come to the address listed on your driver's license. That is one of the many reasons why it's so important to make sure that the address on your driver's license is always current and correct.

How Do You Pay the Violation?

You can pay it online here.

You can pay it in person at any Georgia Department of Driver Services location.

Finally, you can pay by mailing a check, money order, or credit card authorization to:

Dept. of Driver Services

CSLR P.O. Box 80447

Conyers, GA 30013

If paying by mail, include a copy of your Super Speeder notice.   We advise paying it online. It's the most secure and least likely to cause trouble later on (such as ID theft etc).

What Happens If The Additional Fine is Not Paid?

Although this law is not associated with points on your license, failure to pay the fine will result in a suspension of your driver's license. You have 120 days after receiving notice from DDS to pay the fine.

If you miss your fine payment notice because of an address change, you will also miss the suspension notice. As a result, you will not even know your license is suspended.

If you are suspended, you may find out if a police officer stops you for an ordinary traffic offense. You will then be arrested and taken to jail, facing a minimum jail sentence of 2 days in jail and a minimum fine of $500 if convicted of driving on a suspended license. Additionally, your license will be suspended for an additional six months as part of the penalty for driving on a suspended license.

Lack of actual notice for failing to update your address is not a defense. A good rule of thumb, if charged with any traffic violation (even a non-Super Speeder) or misdemeanor traffic offense, is to make sure the address on your license is correct. Many times, the court date on the ticket is incorrect, and the court clerk will mail a new date. You do not want to miss a court date because your address is wrong. Failure to attend court will also result in a suspended driver's license and a warrant for your arrest.

Does Georgia's Super Speeder Law Apply to Out of State Drivers?

Yes.  Failure to pay the fine will result in the suspension of your privilege to drive in Georgia.  Whether your home State takes further action is something that your State will decide.  However, most States honor out-of-state license suspension offenses because of reciprocity agreements.

Are There Additional Penalties For Violating O.C.G.A. § 40-6-189?

Violators of Georgia's Super Speeder statute will have to pay a $200 fine in addition to any other fines that the jurisdiction imposes for speeding.

A Super Speeder violation will not add any addition points to your license, but you will want to make sure that the primary speeding violation does not cause any other collateral consequences, such as what happens with youthful drivers:

Super Speeders and Drivers Under the Age of 18:

Any driver under the age of 18 who accumulates 4 or more points before age 18 will have his or her license suspended. As a result, most Super Speeder violations will cause a suspension.

Super Speeders and Drivers Under the Age of 21:

Any driver under the age of 21, who is convicted of any offense carrying 4 or more total points (in a single violation, not cumulative as with drivers under the age of 18), will have his or her driver's license suspended. Thus, the following Super Speeder violations will also cause a license suspension for drivers under the age of 21:

85 MPH in a 55 zone

85 MPH in a 60 zone

75 MPH in a 50 or less zone

We Can Help if Charged with a Super Speeder Violation in Georgia:

As with any offense, no person is guilty unless convicted. Our office helps people with their traffic tickets throughout Georgia. Our Georgia Traffic Ticket Lawyers and Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyers are skilled negotiators. There are many alternative outcomes to being convicted of a Super Speeder violation. Many times, the speed can be reduced. For our young drivers under the age of 21 and under the age of 18, many programs are available as alternative punishments to the traffic violation.

There is hope if you are charged with a traffic violation, and we can help. Our office is available 24/7. Call now! Your ticket will not defend itself.

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