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Welcome to Our Georgia DUI Defense Law Firm, a practice exclusively devoted to defending people charged with DUI in Georgia

If you have been arrested for DUI in Georgia, you need a skilled Georgia DUI Lawyer.  DUI Defense Practice in Georgia includes many different underlying related offenses and practice areas.  There is always a reason a person is stopped for DUI.  For example, a person can get a DUI by being stopped for a minor traffic offense or at a roadblock.  There may even be a BOLO (be on the lookout) for a person driving erratically.

Also, many people charged with DUI could potentially have a probation violation for other offenses to which they had previously been charged.  As a result, DUI Law in Georgia can be more expansive than people realize.  Our firm only handles DUI Cases and DUI Related Cases in the State of Georgia.  Georgia DUI Law is different than in other states, and you need to hire a Georgia DUI Attorney to fight your case.

Our Experience and Results Are the Difference: 

Richard Lawson is a former DUI Prosecutor with more than 25 years experience defending complex DUI Cases throughout all of Georgia, Atlanta, Metro Atlanta, and North Georgia.  His experience is the difference in your case.  Our Georgia DUI Lawyers are trained to handle your case and either litigate it or successfully reach a negotiated settlement.  Hire the top-rated and most reviewed DUI Lawyer in Atlanta. Contact a DUI Lawyer in Atlanta GA today.  Our office handles cases throughout Georgia, Atlanta, Metro Atlanta, and North Georgia.

Our Georgia DUI Attorneys are trained to handle:

Georgia DUI By out of State Driver

If you are not a Georgia resident but have been charged with a DUI, acting quickly is important. Even out-of-state drivers in Georgia may be subject to driving privilege consequences, so time is of the essence. The knowledgeable team at the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson frequently assists out-of-state clients with Georgia DUI offense cases. Always remember, the outcome of your Georgia DUI case will reported to your home State.  That is why your best Georgia DUI Defense is so important,

First Georgia DUI

Even first time DUI charges in Georgia are no slap on the wrist. Suspension of your driver's license, jail time, and steep fees and fines come with most cases. Attorney Richard Lawson and his team can help you navigate the negotiation process and the various implications of Georgia DUI charges. The best case to fight is often the first DUI.  Fighting your first DUI can prevent the consequences of a second DUI in Georgia

Second Georgia DUI

DUI convictions in Georgia usually require at least a three day jail sentence (though most sentences are longer). These charges can also lead to the suspension of your driver's license for more than 12 months, and you may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. You need a knowledgeable Georgia DUI lawyer to help you work through the details of a second DUI charge. Also, if you are convicted of a second DUI in Georgia, a third arrest can cause you to be declared an Habitual Violator. 

Third Georgia DUI

Third or repeat DUI charges may get you listed as a repeat offender in Georgia. If this happens, you may face longer jail terms, high and aggravated misdemeanor treatment, the potential for felony treatment, longer term driver's license suspension, DUI Court, probation, and steep fines and fees.  Also, a third DUI in Georgia will cause you to be declared HV.  The result of being declared HV can include not driving at least 2 and up to 5 years.

Fourth Georgia DUI

A fourth DUI in Georgia is now a felony.  If you have been arrested for a 4th DUI in Georgia since 2008, you will be charged with Felony DUI in Georgia. The potential penalties can include prison time.  It can also include license suspensions for up to 5 years.  A fourth DUI in Georgia is a serious matter that can be life changing.  Anyone charged with a felony DUI needs immediate legal help.  Your freedom is at stake

Habitual Violator in Georgia

Habitual Violator in Georgia is the result of 3 DUI's in a 5 year period of time, or a combination of DUI's and other serious driving offenses such as Hit and Run and Leaving the Scene of an accident.  It can also include offenses such as racing.  A Georgia HV charge can result in up to 5 years in prison. HV status may lead to longer term driver's license suspensions, and even prison time. If you are a HV in Georgia, you should contact a knowledgeable Georgia DUI lawyer quickly to see what options are available for you.

Georgia ALS Hearings

Failing to apply for an administrate driver's license suspension hearing in 30 days of your Georgia DUI arrest will likely result in your driver's license being suspended. Our Georgia DUI lawyers are ready to prepare appeal letters and attend any hearings to help keep you driving legally. Get your 30 Day Letter filed today by calling our office.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

A GA DUI charge is more like two prosecutions instead of one. Not only do you face administrative license suspension from the DDS, you also face a criminal prosecution in the Georgia Court system. Our lawyers can help you find the way through this process. You have a lot to lose, and choosing to go it alone could lead to a suspended driver's license and other unfavorable consequences.

Violation of Probation in Georgia

Probation for a DUI or drug relation offense in Georgia can be tedious. For these charges, probation may include alcohol restriction, mandatory participation in a risk reduction alcohol program, community service, fines and other charges, and more depending upon the nature of the conviction. Violation of probation is often left to the discretion of the probation officer. If you have been charged with violating your probation, our Georgia attorneys can help you find the resolution you need to stay on track.

Georgia DUI Child Endangerment

A DUI arrest in Georgia involving a child under the age of 14 being present in your vehicle may find you facing charges of DUI - child endangerment along with DUI charges. DUI – child endangerment charges are considered very serious and often constitute jail time if convicted. A huge negative effect of Georgia DUI - child endangerment charges is that convictions stay on your record indefinitely and may be used against you in civil hearings during divorce or child custody proceedings. For every child in your car while DUI, it is considered another DUI for purposes of punishment.

Minor in Possession of Alcohol - MIP

People under the age of 21 should refrain from consuming or attempting to purchase alcohol in Georgia in order to avoid complex charges and steep penalties. For the offenses in Georgia you may find yourself facing fines and other fees, increased insurance premiums, and potentially loss of your driver's license which is common for MIP offenses.

Choosing a DUI Lawyer in Georgia

Many lawyers in Georgia dabble in DUI defense, but few Georgia lawyers are considered “DUI only” lawyers. Attorney Richard S. Lawson has dedicated his law practice to DUI law.  As a former DUI prosecutor he is able to help his clients reach the best possible outcome no matter how challenging the DUI case. He is up to date on the law and knows many of the DUI prosecutors and judges.

Georgia DUI Defenses

If you truly wish to contest your Georgia DUI case with the best results, you will need to secure a Georgia DUI lawyer. Attorney Richard S. Lawson and his talented staff of attorneys are on call and ready to help you get the best results possible in your DUI, drug or alcohol related case.  Georgia DUI Defense is complicated and should only be handled by attorneys trained in the latest case law and DUI Defense techniques.  Georgia DUI Law is unique.

Breath Tests and Blood Tests in Georgia DUI Cases

Georgia DUI arrests are often supported by a chemical test of the suspected DUI driver's blood, breath or urine. These tests determine the blood alcohol content (BAC) of the driver. These tests are not foolproof and the results can, in certain situations, be challenged. The standard breath test used in Georgia DUI cases is the Intox5000 which is antiquated. Our Georgia DUI lawyers work with experts to challenge the validity of test results on these machines.

Field Sobriety Tests

Georgia law enforcement generally asks you to submit to one or more field sobriety tests in DUI cases. Along with a series of questions that law enforcement will ask you, there are also three standard method tests that officers perform. Often, the execution of field sobriety tests is caught on camera via the patrol car dash cam, which allows for close analysis of the officers behavior and execution during the tests. Our lawyers are well versed in the standards of DUI field sobriety tests and are able to determine if there are inconsistencies or incorrect measures taken during the tests.

Accidents and Serious Injury by Vehicle in Georgia

A motor vehicle accident that inflicts serious bodily injury is traumatic for all parties involved. DUI cases involving motor vehicle accidents with injuries are among the most serious cases. These facts may cause your misdemeanor DUI charge to be upgraded to a felony DUI, even for your first DUI.  The more serious the wreck and injuries, the more unfavorably you may be judged by the judge and prosecutors.

Vehicular Homicide

Vehicular homicide is a tragic situation for all parties involved, and is considered one of Georgia's most serious criminal charges. The consequences of vehicular homicide charges can be steep as well. Even when the death was purely an accident, a vehicular homicide conviction may lead straight to prison. In Georgia, you need the knowledge and experience of a lawyer who can help you deal with the implications surrounding a vehicular homicide charge in Georgia.

Possession of Marijuana in Georgia

There are separate charges and penalties for drug related DUI. Many people may not be aware that losing their driver's license may be one of the consequences to possession of marijuana, even if you are not driving. Georgia takes cases involving marijuana very seriously. You should speak with a Georgia Marijuana attorney immediately for guidance if you have been charged with even simple possession of marijuana or other drugs.  A Georgia Marijuana lawyer is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Georgia DUI Process

The majority of DUI cases begin with a police traffic stop. If a Georgia law enforcement officer believes that you are driving erratically, making extreme turns, weaving, speeding, etc., they will take action and initiate a traffic stop. If law enforcement becomes suspicious that you are intoxicated or impaired, they may perform one or a series of sobriety tests. DUI arrests also occur commonly at roadblocks. You will receive a ticket or citation upon your arrest with an arraignment date.  Your arraignment date is the first court date and initiates the criminal case against you.

Most DUI cases are not resolved in a single court appearance and require multiple court dates and appearances before the judge. Understanding how your DUI case will advance through the legal system is important and will make the process significantly less stressful.

Georgia DUI Roadblocks

Roadblocks can be set up throughout Georgia in accordance to Georgia law, the Georgia Constitution, and the United States Constitution.  As a result, certain guidelines must be followed, such as where the checkpoint is located, the date, times, etc. Roadblocks in Georgia are often used as an anti-DUI enforcement method. Never assume just because you were stopped at roadblock that there is no defense.  On the contrary, there are many defense to DUI cases that started at a roadblock.  Contact an experience Georgia DUI Lawyer to begin the investigation of your case.

Suspended License

Are you having difficulty getting your license reinstated and currently have a suspended license? You're not alone! Contact Georgia DUI attorney Richard S. Lawson and his team today to help you get back on track. We may even be able to assist you in appealing your DUI related driver's license suspension getting you back to work and school where you need to be. If you have been arrested for Driving on a Suspended License, you are facing the possibility of time in jail and a further suspension of your license.  Our lawyer can help stop the never-ending cycle of having a suspended license.

Refusal of Breath and Blood Testing

You may wonder why anyone would agree to submit to blood or breath tests that law enforcement may request after you have been arrested. You may help your case by not allowing evidence to be held against you should you take the tests and fail. Law enforcement is supposed to issue you a warning, but beware that the lone act of refusing the test may result in the suspension of your driver's license for up to 12 months (or suspend your driving privileges in GA for out of state drivers). Contact our law office to learn what you can do to keep your driving privileges intact.

Best Georgia DUI Lawyer

You need superior legal representation to win a DUI case in Georgia. DUI lawyer Richard S. Lawson is the perfect candidate with his dedication and years of experience in DUI law. Mr. Lawson has dedicated over 17 years to practicing DUI law and has resolved over 4,600 cases. He has also served as head counsel in hundreds of motions and jury trials in Georgia courts.

Winning Your Georgia DUI Case

The ultimate goal of a DUI case is to find the best possible resolution. Your primary objective in your Georgia DUI case is likely to win, however the definition of winning a DUI case may vary from case to case. Some individuals desire to have the charges dropped, or be found “not guilty” of the charges. Other individuals merely want the charges reduced to something like reckless driving. Still others are merely concerned with keeping their driving privileges. No matter what your goal, our team of Georgia DUI lawyers can plan a strategy to help you.

Alternative Sentences

You may not know exactly what you are facing if this is your first DUI charge, and seeking answers is always important. You may have questions such as: is jail time mandatory for first time DUI? Am I guaranteed to lose my driver's license? Is it possible to have charges reduced or dropped? You may have additional questions as well, and our team of lawyers can help you find the right answers. The outcome of your case is not set in stone.  There are options, and our DUI Lawyers will help you find those options.

Georgia DUI Plea Bargains Georgia DUI Trials

DUI cases are very rarely dismissed in court. Generally cases can be resolved either by reaching a plea bargain which will lessen the charge or by trial by judge or jury. Both options have positive and negative attributes that may affect your case. You need someone on your side that can help you navigate the terrain to find the best strategy for your case to protect your future.

DUI Under 21 Years Old Teenage DUI in Georgia

Individuals under the legal drinking age of 21 can get a DUI without being legally intoxicated. Drivers under the age of 21 can be considered driving under the influence if their blood alcohol content (BAC) level is .02% or greater. Additionally, if you find yourself convicted of an under age 21 DUI offense, you will face serious penalties such as driver's license suspension and incarceration.

Prior DUI Convictions

If you are facing second, third or even fourth DUI charges, you should seek the guidance of a DUI lawyer immediately. Only a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer will know how to navigate the charges and work to minimize the effect of penalties against you. Individuals who have DUI convictions on their record in the past 10 years who are arrested with a subsequent DUI offense may face prison and a felony record. All prior convictions can be used to enhance punishment and make it more severe.  Contrary to popular belief, DUI does not come off your record and can always be used against you.

Georgia DUI Drugs

DUI does not only refer to being under the influence of alcohol. In fact, beyond alcohol there are charges involving driving under the influence of illegal and prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. If you are facing Georgia drug related DUI charges, the team at the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson can help you find your way. The consequences for DUI Drugs in Georgia can include more a more severe drivers license suspension than had alcohol been involved.

DUI Court

The term “DUI Court” may be misleading to some who do not know that every individual facing a DUI charge is required to appear in court. “DUI Court” refers to the intensive court run treatment program that may be required for repeat DUI offenders in Georgia.  The program is supervised by the trial judge in your case and requires daily intervention and treatment.  It also required bi-weekly court appearances.  If you fail to follow each and every rule of the program, you can be sanctioned.  Those sanctions can range from additional community serve to time in jail.  It is truly a forced treatment program.

Georgia DUI Penalties

In Georgia you are facing ever increasing penalties for DUI.  In the more than 20 years of my practice, we have gone from allowing a nolo contendre plea in DUI to jail-time and license suspension for a first DUI in Georgia. Our expectation is that this trend will continue year after year. Every year the Georgia Legislature meets in January and somehow comes out with additional penalties to crack down on people charged with DUI in Georgia.  It's hard to believe that new punishments can be thought up every single year.  Our Georgia DUI Attorneys keep track of all the latest penalties and punishments in Georgia as well as any new Georgia DUI Defense techniques.  Also remember when searching online that penalties mentioned lack context.  Just because a penalty is listed does not mean it will necessarily happen to you.  Contact our Georgia DUI Lawyers to see what, if any penalties may apply to you in your case. You can fight back.  Hire the most experienced and highest rated DUI Attorney in Georgia.  Being arrested does not mean you are guilty as charged.  Always remember, there are many alternatives to the harsh DUI Penalties in Georgia.

Related Offenses

Almost every DUI case that does not involve a roadblock or roadside checkpoint involves some other related offense. Common related offenses include but are not limited to speeding, failure to maintain lane, reckless driving, following to closely, racing, hit and run, and leaving the scene of an accident.  Of course, the related traffic offense can be any traffic offense listed in Title 40 of the Georgia Criminal Code. Committing a related offense does not mean you are guilty of DUI in Georgia.  You can fight your case and should look at all possible defenses to the DUI and any related offenses.

Georgia Youthful Offenders

Handling a case involving a young person charged with a crime takes special attention and care.  The laws related to person's under 21 are different than for those who are over 21 years of age.  In addition, the consequences can be different as well.  Special attention is needed because we are dealing with someone's entire life and future.  Our attorneys have vast experience dealing with the juvenile courts throughout Georgia.  Our lawyers also have vast experience dealing with drivers over the age of 17 but below the age of 21.  Make sure to hire attorneys that understand the special circumstances involved with Georgia Youthful Offenders.

Prescription Drug DUI

Increasingly frequent cases of DUI involve not alcohol, but driving under the influence of prescription medications.  You may know that driving while taking over-the-counter cold and flu medications can be dangerous or lead to DUI, but you may not realize that taking your lawfully prescribed medications and driving may cause law enforcement to believe that you are unsafe. This charge is always a judgment call by the arresting officer because you have a valid prescription.  The fact that is no red-line between impairment, as in DUI Alcohol cases, prescription drug DUI cases can be fought and won more often than in alcohol DUI cases.

DUI Marijuana

Drivers in Georgia are commonly charged with driving under the influence of marijuana. This is considered very serious in Georgia. Such a DUI charge can carry strict consequences if convicted. Even a first time offense of driving under the influence of marijuana carries a six month driver's license suspension with no option for a limited permit. However, not all person who have consumed marijuana are actually impaired.  In fact, marijuana can remain in your system as an non-impairing metabolite for up to 30 days.  So, your failed drug rest may actually be the remnants of marijuana used days or weeks before.  Contact our team of Georgia DUI attorneys to find out what options you have.

Hit and Run - Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Hit and run charges are among the most serious traffic offenses that you can face in the state of Georgia. These charges can lead to the status of habitual violator and may result in the loss of your driver's license indefinitely and costly insurance implications. Also, there is no limited permit if charged with Hit and Run in Georgia.  It is imperative to have your case investigated for potential defenses as soon as possible.  Attorney Richard Lawson and our team are experienced representing individuals facing hit and run charges.

Some refer to hit and run as leaving the scene of an accident. If you are charged with leaving the scene of an accident, you can potential receive punishments ranging from losing you license and going to jail.  Leaving the scene of an accident is a serious charge that warrants serious legal help.  Our Georgia DUI Lawyers are here to help you with your case.  Our goal is a dismissal or reduction of the charge to an offense that does not carry time in jail or loss of your drivers license.Your case needs to be defended because otherwise you will have no ability to drive.

Hit and Run

Hit and Run in Georgia is one of the most serious offenses for which you can be charged.  You are in deep trouble if you don't have expert legal attention. Those accused of hit and run in Georgia face jail-time, license suspension, probation, community service, and several other potential penalties.  If your hit and run is combined with a DUI charge in Georgia, you will also lose the ability to get a restricted license as well.  You can lose your complete ability to drive.  This does not have to happen. Contact us today for immediate legal attention.  Your case will not defense itself.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident

In the event of an accident, some people get nervous and improperly act thereafter.  They leave the scene of an accident in Georgia.  This is a serious criminal offense in Georgia.  Many times after a few moments, the driver realizes that they should return to the scene of the accident. Even if you return to the scene of the accident, the act of leaving completes the criminal offense.  You can still be charged with leaving the scene of an accident on the way back to the accident scene.  The rule is to never leave the scene of an accident, regardless as to who is at fault.  Leaving the Scene of an Accident in Georgia is an offense that needs to be handled by expect attorneys who know how to defend against the charge.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is considered a serious traffic offense in Georgia and requires appearing before a judge. Usually, these offenses place four points on your Georgia driver's license and may be penalized with up to a 12 months in jail. DUI cases can at times be amended to a reckless driving charge by Georgia prosecutors. The amendment to a reckless driving charge may help drivers avoid suspension of their license, which may keep them in their job or educational pursuits.  However never assume that because it's a first offense you will automatically get a reduction to reckless driving.  We will investigate your case to see if the facts therein warrant a possible reduction.

Georgia DUI Law

A Georgia DUI arrest may be embarrassing, aggravating, or confusing. Our law firm is ready to help you achieve the best results possible and get back on track quickly. A DUI arrest often means facing jail time, steep fines and driver's license suspension. The DUI Laws in Georgia are different than in other States.  Never assume that the law is the same as in your home State.  Our penalties insofar as punishments and loss of license are different in Georgia as well as our rules of evidence in procedure.  Hire a Georgia DUI Lawyer today to help you understand Georgia DUI law.

Juvenile DUI

For criminal law purposed you are an adult once you reach the age of 17.  So, if you are 17 or older, your Georgia DUI Case will be adjudicated in adult court with every other adult. However is you are less than 17 years old at the time of your arrest, your case will go to a Georgia Juvenile Court in the County in which you were arrested.  The procedures in juvenile court are completely different than in adult court.  In fact, all parties, from the District Attorney, the Judge, and your Defense attorney must all act in the interest of the minor child. So, it's important to find a lawyer that knows the differences that apply in a DUI case involving a Juvenile


Racing in Georgia is a serious traffic misdemeanor that can cause you to lose your drivers license.  In addition, any prior racing offense on your records can cause you to be ineligible for a limited permit in your DUI Case.  So it's important to check your drivers record before entering into any DUI pleas bargain.  Prior offenses such as racing can fundamentally effect your defense in your pending DUI case.  It can mean the difference between keeping you ability to drive and losing it altogether.


Many DUI cases start as an ordinary traffic ticket stop such as speeding.  More than 1/2 of all DUI arrests can be avoided if people obeyed the traffic laws such as the speed limits.  If you were pulled over for speeding and were suspected of DUI, you have options.  It's possible that the police improperly pulled you over for speeding.  It's possible that there was no suspicion that you were DUI and you were in the process of being released on a copy of the speeding ticket.  That can lead to the defense that there was no probable cause to arrest you for DUI.

Failure to Maintain Lane

Many DUI Arrests start with being pulled over for Failure to Maintain Lane, sometimes referred to as improper lane change.  Failure to maintain lane is actually a more complicated charge than it seems.  The statute actually provides for potential defenses because it says that it is unlawful to fail to maintain your lane "without first ascertaining it is safe to do so."  So, the onus is on the driver to ascertain if it was safe to change lanes or leave the lane of traffic.  This can be the basis of many defenses.

Following too Closely

Many DUI cases in Georgia begin with an accident. If you rear-ended someone you will be charged with following too close or following to closely.  Technically, you can be charged with following to close with getting into an accident.  If the police think you are tailgating someone, you can charge the driver with Following to Close.  However, most of the time the charge is associated with a car accident.  If you have been charged with Following to Close with your DUI arrest in Georgia, call our office now.

Fleeing or attempting to Elude

If you have been arrested for fleeing and eluding you are facing one of the most serious offenses in the Georgia misdemeanor law. You can lose your drivers license.  You can receive jail-time for a conviction. There are alternatives.  Many times a driver charged with fleeing and eluding may not have even known that that police were trying to pull them over.  Many times, fleeing and eluding is the result of a momentary loss in a person's regular judgment.  We can help present your defenses in court and to the prosecutor.


Both federal regulations and Georgia law establish the criteria for commercial disqualifications, which withdraw the commercial driving privileges. Commercial disqualifications are generally triggered by traffic-related offenses and in many cases you do not even have to be driving a commercial vehicle at the time you were cited. If you get a DUI while having a CDL license, you can lose your CDL for one year on a first offense.  You can get a lifetime ban of your CDL for a second DUI.  Protect your CDL today and call the CDL experts at our office.


Obstruction can be charged as a felony, so it is important that you protect your rights and your record.  A conviction for obstruction can lead to loss of your job, financial aid and civil liberties.  Obstruction can also be charged as a misdemeanor when a person is accused of hindering the police during their own arrest or in the arrest or investigation of another person. This serious charge can have life-long consequences. We can help. If you are charged with obstruction or charged with obstruction during your DUI arrest, contact us today.  Call the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson today to find out how our lawyers can help you get your obstruction charges beaten or reduced.

Georgia Juvenile Court

It is important that a juveniles' criminal and driving record are protected.  Many juvenile offenses today are charged as adult felonies.  If the offense is serious, the juvenile offender can be charged as an adult with full adult consequences.  In addition, many traffic and DUI offenses can also appear on a person's adult drivers record.  So, even if prosecuted in juvenile court, the offense can appear on an adult drivers record.  This can affect your child's future prospects insofar as school and work are concerned.  Our attorneys can ensure that everything is done to keep the offense confidential. If you or a family member are facing a charge in any court proceeding, call our experienced juvenile defense lawyers today for a free case consultation.


Accidents and Georgia DUI Accidents are serious matters that deserve immediate legal attention.  Anytime a person has a accident, fault is the main issues.  Many times it is assumed that the DUI Driver is at fault.  Many police officers, deputy sheriffs and Georgia State Troopers assume the person charged with DUI is at fault.  As a result, they fail to investigate the other driver for contributory negligence or even out-right fault in the car accident.  At our office, we never assume our client is a fault, even if they are charged with DUI in Georgia.  Call now to investigate and reconstruct your car accident. We are here to help.

Appealing a DUI Conviction in Georgia

If you have been convicted of DUI in Georgia you only have a very short period of time to file your appeal.  You need an appellate expert with years of experience appealing DUI convictions in Georgia.  If you don't file your motion of new trial and / or appeal within 30 days of your conviction, you will likely waiver your right to challenge the conviction at the Georgia Court of Appeals, or if there is a Constitutional issue, at the Georgia Supreme Court.  Call now to start the appeals process in your case.  The 30 days to appeal will run out before you know it, and your conviction will stand.

DUI Defenses in Georgia

In Georgia, police officers must have “probable cause” to support a charge for DUI which means that they must have a reasonable belief that you were a less safe driver due to impairment by alcohol or drugs.  There may be defenses to the reason you were stopped, the probable cause to arrest, or to the way a breath test was administered or the maintenance of the machine.  Call a DUI attorney today to see if your case is stronger than you think.

Aggressive Driving

Georgia traffic and congestion could lead many people to lose it behind the wheel.  Tailgating another driver who you felt was going too slowly or cut you off in traffic or weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds to pass them down the road could lead to a charge of aggressive driving.  This is a serious traffic offense that carries hefty fines and will add 6 points to your license.  Call an attorney today to ensure your driving history remains clean.

At age 17 you are an adult in Georgia if Arrested

In Georgia, 17 year old's are treated like an adult if charged with a criminal offense, no matter how minor the charge.  Facing criminal charges can be especially troubling for 17 year olds and other youthful offenders because a conviction could potentially follow you for the rest of your life.  A lawyer may be able to keep the charge from appearing on your criminal record, call today.

Boating Under the Influence

Boating under the influence can carry severe consequences that will impact your life. Most people do not realize that you can be charged with BUI if you are not even operating the boat, but are water skiing or wake-boarding.  But there are defenses to the charge, and contacting an attorney will ensure that you get the best resolution to your case.

Georgia DUI Laws

The Georgia DUI Laws are not designed to be understood by laypeople.  The laws have been written by Georgia prosecutors to make it easier to convict people of DUI in Georgia.  You are already facing the full weight and power of the State of Georgia against you.  Do not go it alone.  Hire the Georgia DUI Lawyers who know how to fight and win your case.  The Georgia DUI Laws can be intimidating.  Going it alone is even more scary.  Act now to protect your freedom and your right to drive in Georgia.

Security Clearances and DUI

The determination to grant a security clearance will hinge upon a consideration of certain guidelines that were developed to determine the responsibility, emotional stability, and integrity of the individual.  It will be vital to show that the charge against you will not make you a risk to your company to ensure you keep your clearance. You must contest your case while it's pending.  A conviction cannot be removed from your record later in life.  It cannot be expunged.

Open Container

An open container charge can lead to a fine, but can also be key evidence in an underlying DUI case or cause a license suspension if you are under the age of 21.  Contact a DUI Attorney to ensure you know how an open container charge could impact you. The evidence of open container in Georgia can serve as prima facia evidence in your Georgia DUI Case. All underlying offenses in your DUI Case should be taken seriously.

Public Drunk

In Georgia, a fun night out can turn into an arrest for Public Intoxication if your behavior interferes with other people's enjoyment of public spaces.  There may be defenses to the charge and your behavior may not have actually violated the statute.  Any arrest can appear on your criminal record and show up in background checks for the rest of your life if not properly defended by an experienced criminal attorney.

DUI Less Safe

You can be charged with DUI Less Safe in Georgia when you allegedly have refused a breath test, tested less than .08 yet were still impaired, consumed prescription drugs to the extent that you are unsafe to drive, consumed illegal drugs to the extent that you are less safe to drive, or you consumed any combination of alcohol and drugs. Georgia DUI Less Safe carries the same penalties as any other DUI in Georgia and must be taken as seriously.

Pedestrian Under the Influence

PUI is a misdemeanor in Georgia.  All misdemeanors can result in the accused getting probation, fines, community service, and other consequences.  You can also be sentenced to alcohol and drug treatment.  You can also receive a permanent criminal record.  None of this is set in stone.  You can prevent a permanent criminal record by hiring the Georgia Lawyers committed to you best defense.  Act now to protect your rights.

Implied Consent

In Georgia, driving is not a right.  It's a privilege that can be suspended or revoked.  If you refuse to take a Georgia breath test, your license will be suspended.  If you take a breath test and your results are .08 grams or more, your license can also be suspended.  If you are a commercial driver and your test results are .04 grams or more, you can also lose your drivers license (assuming you are driving a commercial vehicle at the time of the arrest)

Felony DUI

In certain situations a DUI charge in Georgia can be escalated to a felony offense.  Felonies are punishable by a year or more of incarceration. Convicted felons may lose the right to vote, hold public office, the ability to own and possess firearms; and could affect the person's ability to gain employment. Before pleading guilty to any felony. contact the Top-Rated Georgia DUI Lawyers. We are here to help 24/7.

Georgia DUI Consequences

The consequences of a DUI conviction will be dependent on the facts of your case, your age, your prior criminal and driving record, and several other factors.  Consult with an attorney today to get advice tailored to your circumstances. Consequences only happen if you are convicted of the DUI.  That does not have to happen.  An Arrest is not a conviction.  That is the motto.

Georgia DUI Sanctions

Sanctions for a Georgia DUI increase exponentially for each prior DUI on your criminal record and the effect these penalties may have on you and your family are significant. Winning your Georgia DUI Case can make all the difference.  If you win your can or get your case reduced to reckless driving, you will not face the same DUI penalties.

Pretrial Diversion

Pretrial diversion programs work to educate youthful and first-time offenders, prevent re-offending, and offer the benefit of a full dismissal of the original charges upon completion of the program so that no conviction is entered on the person's criminal record. It is a tremendous opportunity to Georgia Youthful Offenders that can only be used once. However, case do not resolve themselves.  It is important to hire a Georgia DUI Attorney to help.

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly Conduct is considered an offense against the public order, privacy, or safety. Other crimes in this category are treason, rioting, and fighting. Abusive language, placing a person in fear of their safety, or destroying another person's property can all lead to a disorderly conduct charge. If you are charged, you do not have be convicted of the charge.  There are options.

Drivers License Points In Georgia

While your driver's license may be suspended as a result of a DUI conviction or for a Hit & Run offense, you may not have known that a bad driving history may also result in a license suspension for 6 to 12 months.  If you've been ticketed and have accumulated too many points on your record within a short time period, it may be wise to find out ways have the charge amended, reduced, or request a points reduction to prevent a suspension.

High and Aggravated Misdemeanors

High and aggravated misdemeanor convictions can have lasting effects which may cause increased sentencing if the person is later convicted of another offense or violates the terms of his or her probation. Because a prior record can lead to significantly increased consequences for future arrests and convictions, it is imperative to fight any and all charges if viable defenses are available to you.

License Classes

The class of license you require is dependent on the type and weight of the vehicle you intend to operate.  Georgia offers various license classes for a wide range of drivers. The penalties for driving offenses are also different depending on the class of license.  The penalties for Georgia Youthful Offenders can also be very severe.

DUI Checkpoints in Georgia

Roadblocks and sobriety checkpoints have been a heavily used tool of law enforcement in order to detect and apprehend DUI offenders.  In Georgia, law enforcement officers running checkpoints are required to follow certain protocol and certain requirements must be met for it to be a legal roadblock. If those procedures are not followed, the DUI case can be won.

Choosing the Best DUI Lawyer

When you are arrested for DUI in Georgia, finding the right Lawyer is Job #1. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson we will investigate your case and find the best possible legal defense to your DUI in Georgia. You are in good hands with Richard Lawson and his associates. We will work tirelessly to help you while compassionately holding your hand throughout the entire DUI Defense Process.

Georgia DUI Defense Attorneys

At the Law Office of Richard S. Lawson, we have offices conveniently located throughout metro Atlanta and throughout Georgia. If we do not have a convenient office, we will come to you. We practice throughout Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. If your case is in an area we do not serve, we will find you an attorney in your area free of charge. Our office is part of a State-wide network of Georgia DUI Lawyers. Contact us 24/7 for immediate legal help. Our attorneys are standing by. Your DUI Case will not defend itself. Your Best Georgia DUI Defense Begins Here!