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The Law Office of Richard Lawson is a legal firm that exclusively handles DUI and DUI-related cases. Richard Lawson is a former Prosecutor and has over 20 years' experience in Georgia DUI law. Please check out his reviews on Avvo and contact our office for a no- hassle, no-obligation case evaluation. 

30-Day Warning!

If you have been arrested for DUI in Griffin, GA, or elsewhere in Spalding County, you must know you only have thirty days from the date of your arrest to file a request for an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing or an ignition interlock device to save your license from suspension. If an ALS hearing or interlock device is not requested, your license will automatically be suspended. If you have been accused of refusing the State's chemical test of your breath, blood, or urine, your Georgia driver's license will be suspended for one full year with no opportunity for a restricted permit or early reinstatement. Contact the Law Office of Richard Lawson today and take advantage of a free consultation with a Griffin DUI Lawyer.

Griffin DUI Defense

The defense of a Griffin DUI charge requires experience and expertise in a specialized area of law. A good Griffin DUI Attorney, in addition to being knowledgeable in evidentiary, criminal and constitutional law, must comprehend the science behind the results of your blood alcohol content (BAC) test, and how law enforcement in Griffin make DUI arrests. With over 20 years' experience, Richard Lawson and his team of Griffin DUI Lawyers have represented thousands of clients in Georgia who have been arrested and charged with DUI of alcohol or drugs. All that experience in the DUI field allows Richard and his team of Griffin DUI Attorneys discover weaknesses in the State's case against you. Although each case is different, the goal is the same: minimizing the effect a DUI arrest has on your life by getting the best outcome possible for your case.

Richard Lawson provides aggressive defense for DUI charges in Griffin and throughout much of Georgia. He and his Griffin DUI Lawyers are devoted to protecting those arrested and charged with DUI from unfair convictions and harsh criminal penalties. Richard would never a client to plead guilty when a better outcome can be achieved. A DUI conviction can have life-altering consequences beyond any punishment handed down by the court system. Individuals charged with DUI in Griffin are ordinary everyday folks like commercial truck drivers, or a host of others who drive a vehicle for work to make a living to support themselves and families.

Experience is the Difference

Georgia DUI laws often change and include stiff penalties for those who are convicted of DUI. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to have an expert Griffin DUI Attorney when you have been charged with DUI. The consequences of a DUI conviction can include long jail sentences as well as the loss of your Georgia driver's license. At the Law Office of Richard Lawson, our Griffin DUI Lawyers' primary objective is to prevent a DUI conviction altogether. If that cannot be achieved, the next objective is to minimize (or avoid) severe penalties in court and the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). 

The Cost of a DUI

There are expensive court and probation costs, alcohol and drug treatment costs, increased insurance premiums, lost employment opportunities, and much more. The fee you will pay a qualified Griffin DUI Attorney for expert legal advice and representation will pale in comparison. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a criminal offense; however, it is harder to defend due to the added complexity of particular scientific evidence. That is why it is a good idea to hire a Griffin DUI Lawyer, one who specializes in DUI Defense. A lot of people assume (incorrectly) that their case is hopeless, and they are unable to win the case against them. To determine if a conviction can be avoided in your situation, you must choose a Griffin DUI Attorney who is well-versed in the field of Georgia DUI law. Prominent weaknesses in the State's case are rare. Someone who does not practice DUI law might often miss such flaws. Also, when a conviction absolutely cannot be avoided, having a seasoned Griffin DUI Lawyer will help tremendously to minimize any penalties you could face; especially if it is your second or third offense.

Your case's defense will include many levels of analysis, beginning with the legality of your traffic stop. If law enforcement did not have reasonable articulable suspicion or probable cause to pull you over in the first place; all of the evidence against you is inadmissible in court. If the evidence against you is inadmissible in court, it must be thrown out. If the evidence against you is admissible, a good Griffin DUI Attorney must turn to analyzing its credibility and reliability. With field sobriety being administered incorrectly, breath testing machines giving faulty results, law enforcement not following policies and procedures, and evidence being improperly collected and stored; many individuals arrested for driving under the influence just accept a conviction when there are many arguments a Griffin DUI Lawyer can successfully make.

Evidence Against You

Your innocence or guilt under Georgia DUI law depends on evidence that needs to be closely analyzed before pleading to any offense. Penalties for a DUI conviction are too life-changing to ignore the possibility that any evidence against you is wrong. Experienced Griffin DUI Lawyers never accept evidence at face value. Our Griffin DUI Attorneys will carefully scrutinize each piece of proof the prosecution can provide. While the State may think their case against you is airtight, our Griffin DUI Lawyers know there's more to DUI evidence that meets the eye.

What to Do

The Law Office of Richard Lawson often offers advice about what a person should do if they are pulled over by police. However, a lot of people find our website only after they have been arrested for DUI, and are looking for legal advice on how to protect their rights. Here are a few steps a driver should take if they have been arrested and charged with DUI: 

  • Refrain from making any statements to law enforcement. It is a good idea just to give your driver's license and other ID to the officer instead of speaking directly to them. If you speak to the officer, he or she is likely going to report that your speech was slurred, even if it was not.
  • Request an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing within thirty days of your arrest to avoid an automatic license suspension.
  • Hire a qualified Griffin DUI Lawyer to analyze your case as soon as possible; the sooner, the better.
  • Do not plead “guilty,' or assume your case is hopeless, and you will be found guilty. DUI cases are very complicated and involve a lot of complex evidence that has to be collected by law enforcement in a legal and scientific manner. Experienced legal representation from a DUI Lawyer in Griffin is the best way to determine of the prosecution has what it takes to convict you of DUI.

Griffin Municipal Court

The City of Griffin Municipal Court Office is located at the Griffin Police Department's Administrative Services Division at 868 Poplar Street, Griffin, GA 30224. The phone number is (770) 229-6450. The Honorable William G. Johnston is the judge, Jessica O'Connor, the City Solicitor, Elizabeth Pool, the Assistant City Solicitor, and Yolanda Walker, Chief Court Clerk.

Court is held each Thursday at 8 AM at 100 South Hill Street, Griffin, GA 30224. The following items are not permitted in the courtroom:

  • Cellular phones
  • Shorts
  • Low-cut dresses
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses

Map to Griffin Municipal Court Office

Map to Griffin Municipal Court

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Richard Lawson has over twenty years' experience providing DUI Defense to individuals arrested for DUI in Griffin and throughout Georgia. When you are looking for a DUI Attorney in Griffin to offer experienced legal representation for your DUI case, call on the Law Office of Richard Lawson.  Let us be your best defense!

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