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The Law Offices of Richard Lawson is a legal firm that is devoted entirely to DUI Defense. Richard Lawson is a former Georgia Prosecutor with over 25 years' experience in DUI law. He is the top-rated DUI attorney in Georgia. Please check out his reviews on Avvo and contact our office for a hassle-free, no-obligation evaluation of your Marietta DUI case.

30-Day Warning!

If you were arrested for DUI in Marietta or elsewhere in Cobb County, you might not know you only have thirty calendar days to save your Georgia driver's license from being suspended. To do so, you (or your Marietta DUI Lawyer) must file a request for an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing or request an ignition interlock device. The filing fee is $150. If an ALS hearing or interlock device is not requested, your Georgia driver's license will automatically be suspended. Also, if you refused the State's chemical test of your breath, blood, or urine, your Georgia driver's license will be suspended for one year with no chance for a restricted permit. Do not trust your DUI case with just any attorney you can find. Choose a skilled Marietta DUI Attorney with the Law Offices of Richard Lawson to handle your case the right way from the start.

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Protecting Your Rights

Let's be clear here. If you have had too much to drink, you should not drive. You do not want to get hurt or hurt someone else. Do not drive because you do not wish to damage your car or anyone else's property. Finally, do not drive because you do not want to get arrested and hauled off to jail, pay an expensive fine, have your insurance premiums increase, and possibly lose your employment.

Now, let's think about the real world where you do not have to be arrested and convicted of DUI. You know, the world where anyone with virtually any amount of alcohol in their system is eligible for a DUI charge and 100% at fault for any car crash that might occur, regardless of who caused it. That is not exaggerating, and you should never assume that because you “drive just fine” when you drink and drive responsibly that you are immune from being labeled a “drunk driver” and the consequences of a DUI conviction.

If you choose to drink and drive, no matter how carefully, there is a real chance that you could be pulled over, arrested, and subsequently convicted of DUI. The first thing is that most individuals do not realize that it only takes a few drinks to exceed the “legal limit” of .08 blood-alcohol content (BAC). For an average-sized person, three to four drinks could easily put them in the “drunk” category. However, based on law enforcement's testimony that you were indeed “impaired,” even though you were under the legal limit, you can be convicted of DUI. The only other evidence needed would be the proof that you had any measurable amount of alcohol in your breath, blood, or urine. That is why choosing an experienced Marietta DUI Lawyer is so important.

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How does one keep from getting caught up in the nightmare that is DUI? You could altogether avoid drinking and driving. That would mean no drinking beer at sporting events, no wine with dinner, no drinks at your office holiday party, drinking water or soft drinks at wedding receptions, and no socializing with friends over drinks after work. Are you getting the picture? But, if you make the decision to drink and drive, there are a few things you can do to make it less likely for you to get pulled over and arrested for DUI: 

Your car – Law enforcement needs probable cause to make traffic stops. That probable cause could be a violation of traffic law, a visible defect in a car's safety equipment, or driving erratically or some other behavior that might lead them to think a driver is intoxicated. Failing to use turn signals, speeding, and blowing through a stop sign are common reasons for pulling motorists over. These are mostly controllable situations or items.

Once every month, check your vehicle's lights. Make sure both headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals work (and do not forget the license plate light).

Traffic laws - It is no secret that violating a traffic law is the best way to get law enforcement's attention. Driving under the speed limit, signaling a turn long before making the turn, or not taking your turn at a four-way stop also will attract their attention. You know, it is virtually impossible to drive down the street a mile or two without violating some traffic law. If you can avoid having a police car follow you, the less likely you are to be pulled over for a traffic violation. And, always wear your seat belt!

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Driving: When and Where

The odds of being pulled over for various reasons during “Happy Hour” times are relatively high. However, law enforcement also pays attention to local festivals, sporting events, and other large community events. They often choose to intensify their presence during such environments. If traffic is not at a standstill and you are not standing out for any particular reason, you are less likely to be pulled over

If you have different routes you can take to get to where you are going, especially late in the evening that avoids areas where there are a lot of bars, nightclubs, and taverns. That is a good way to avoid a large concentration of police activity. Taking a longer, less-traveled route may turn out in the long run to be the best of shortcuts!

You Have Been Pulled Over. Now What?

Despite all your effort, not using your left turn signal has given police a reason to stop you. Most nights, you would not even worry. However, tonight you have been drinking; not in excess, but just a few drinks. What should you do? 

First of all, you should keep all your important documents such as driver's license, registration, and insurance card handy and in an easily accessible location. Fishing through your console or glove box to find them only gives the officer more of your behavior to observe and possibly use against you. When you see blue lights in your rear-view mirror, find a safe spot to pull over on the right side of the road if possible. Next, turn on your car's interior light and place your hands (both) on the steering wheel, so they are visible to the officer (doing so makes them more comfortable regarding their safety and shows you have personal control). If you have an opportunity, roll down your window and vent the passenger window to rid your car of any odors before pulling over.

Be courteous and respectful, but admit nothing. Traffic stops can be stressful, and many drivers become too friendly and talk too much because they feel anxious. You should resist this urge. You do not have to provide any information to the officer other than what is on your driver's license, registration, or insurance card.

Anything you admit will be used against you. Telling the officer that you only had one beer with your dinner gives them a reason to investigate further. If you do not admit to such, the officer must base his decision to launch a DUI investigation on other grounds, such as your driving or behavior after you were stopped.

If law enforcement continues their DUI investigation, you may be asked to exit your vehicle. You may be asked to perform field sobriety tests. Politely and respectfully decline. You do not have to perform such tests, and there is no penalty for refusing to do them. The only reason these tests are given is to give a reason for you to submit to a chemical test of your breath, blood, or urine to determine you BAC. Few people pass those impossible tests even while sober. Be nice, do not argue, or talk belligerently. Just politely refuse the field sobriety tests. 

Georgia's Implied Consent law currently requires drivers to submit to chemical testing or face a one-year license suspension. Your chemical test result can be used against you in court. There is good and bad in refusing. On one hand, refusing the test can lead to losing your driving privilege for one year. On the other hand, without chemical test results, the State's case is going to be hard to prove.

All of the above is why you need an experienced DUI Lawyer in Marietta to handle your Marietta DUI case.  Are you worried that you might not be able to afford a good Marietta DUI Attorney? Please read on to see how you can afford to hire a skilled Marietta DUI Lawyer:

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The Cost of Hiring a Marietta DUI Attorney

To talk with any of our Marietta DUI Lawyers about your case is free of charge. Our office offers a free initial consultation in any Georgia DUI case.

It is impossible to give a client a firm fee quote without the knowledge of all the facts of your case, and whether you have prior offenses or other charges against you besides DUI. That being said, we do our absolute best to work with potential clients to afford proper legal representation. The Law Office of Richard Lawson accepts all major credit cards.

Sometimes we offer reasonable payment plans to potential clients who cannot afford to pay the lawyer's fee upfront. To discuss your case with a Marietta DUI Attorney and hear about our fees for legal representation, please contact our office. 

Marietta Municipal Court

Marietta Municipal Court's jurisdiction is limited to misdemeanor offenses such as shoplifting, marijuana possession of less than one ounce, traffic offenses (including DUI) and local ordinance violations.  

Marietta Municipal Court is held in the Police/Court building on the main level at 240 Lemon Street, Marietta, GA 30060. Judge Roger J. Rozen is the Chief Judge, and Pamela G. Allen is the Chief Clerk. Robert I. Donovan is the Solicitor. Call (770) 794-5400 for more information.

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Marietta DUI Attorney Richard Lawson is the best DUI Lawyer in Marietta and regularly defends individuals who have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We have a Marietta DUI Attorney waiting right now to discuss your case with you. Whether you need a DUI Attorney in Marietta or elsewhere in Georgia, we will provide you with the best legal representation possible. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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    Mr. Lawson is outstanding. He was professional, attentive to any requests, and got the outcome I wanted but thought was unachievable. I had been arrested for a DUI. The case was very difficult, intricate, and was seemingly without hope, but Mr. Lawson was able to get the charges drastically reduc... Read On

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When you are arrested for DUI in Georgia, finding the right Lawyer is Job #1. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson we will investigate your case and find the best possible legal defense to your DUI in Georgia. You are in good hands with Richard Lawson and his associates. We will work tirelessly to help you while compassionately holding your hand throughout the entire DUI Defense Process.

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At the Law Office of Richard S. Lawson, we have offices conveniently located throughout metro Atlanta and throughout Georgia. If we do not have a convenient office, we will come to you. We practice throughout Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. If your case is in an area we do not serve, we will find you an attorney in your area free of charge. Our office is part of a State-wide network of Georgia DUI Lawyers. Contact us 24/7 for immediate legal help. Our attorneys are standing by. Your DUI Case will not defend itself. Your Best Georgia DUI Defense Begins Here!