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If you have been charged with DUI of alcohol or drugs in Walton County, an attorney in the Law Office of Richard Lawson can help you protect your proper rights. We are seasoned DUI defense attorneys and hold our practice to an exceptional standard of both legal and professional excellence. The Walton County DUI Lawyers at the Law Office of Richard Lawson are known for their reliability and effectiveness. Since our inception nearly twenty years ago, we've shielded the rights of individuals charged with DUI in more than 4,600 cases.

Getting charged does not mean you are guilty. Richard Lawson is an accomplished former driving under the influence (DUI) prosecutor who's focused his professional career on DUI defense in Walton County and also throughout Georgia. We have become the best rated and most reviewed Walton County DUI legal professionals. The reviews are found on AVVO. Our office features focused Walton County DUI legal professionals at your disposal twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Walton County DUI Lawyers - Walton County DUI Attorneys:

As Walton County driving under the influence defense experts, we are devoted to understanding the tools, tactics, as well as the technology utilized by the police force to spot and eventually file charges in driving under the influence court cases. Provided with this information, we can utilize disadvantages of such strategies to defend against inconsistencies with probable cause, field sobriety assessments, chemical type sobriety assessments, as well as evidence processing.

Moreover, law enforcement officers who're over-zealous, improperly taught, or simply inexperienced can frequently get some things wrong while pursuing DUI cases. The Law Office of Richard Lawson can protect your rights. We under no circumstances assume guilt. Certainly there will always be a myriad of possible Georgia DUI Defenses that can be used in your case. We will leave no stone unturned. Once you phone our firm, you will be instantly connected with an experienced Walton County DUI legal counsel. You shouldn't wait to talk with a Walton County DUI Lawyer. Your personal troubles require urgent legal care and attention.  Your case will not defend itself.

Walton County Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers

You may not know, but DUI doesn't exclusively refer to driving while impaired by alcohol; it may also mean DUI of prescription medicines or unlawful narcotics. Richard Lawson wrote the book concerning GA drunk driving drug defense and Georgia DUI prescription drug defense. He is the top-rated Walton County DUI Lawyer or attorney. Being the top-rated Walton County DUI Lawyer indicates that he places the rights of his valued clients before anything else.

That includes answering the telephone when you need it most. That signifies that attention as well as concern for your wellbeing is without a doubt his main priority. Additionally, it means that an individual can make contact with a Walton County DUI Attorney at law anytime you need, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You are one telephone call away from talking to a DUI expert within Walton County. A DUI Attorney in Walton County will be here to offer you information concerning your best DUI defense.

Walton County DUI Drugs Lawyer - Walton County Prescription Drug DUI Lawyer

In the state of Georgia, you no longer need to be impaired to be arrested for drugged driving. A majority of drug-related driving while intoxicated arrests are due to marijuana. Individuals may be arrested regardless of whether they are not driving while impaired by marijuana. Why? Lots of Georgia prosecutors can charge people with DUI because of driving with any traceable volume of an unlawful substance in your body. The law won't take into account that marijuana continues to be detectable in blood and urine tests for a while after incapacity has worn off.

An individual may still be arrested for DUI. However being charged does not necessarily mean you are guilty. Our experts can determine whether your metabolites in your blood have been impairing your capability to drive. Insofar as prescription medication DUI, our specialists can decide if one's prescription medicine was taken in the correct way, and thus, inside of the accurate treatment recommendation. Now, this may make the main difference in guilt or innocence.

Originally, the per se law may seem like a reasonable law, but in reality, this law allows people to get arrested, charged and placed in prison for DUI when they're not presenting a danger to themselves or others by driving a vehicle while impaired. Walton County law enforcement officials and Georgia State Patrol officers (GSP) quite often presume impairment at the mention of prescribed drugs or perhaps the combination of prescription medications. These assumptions tend to be baseless instead of scientifically legitimate.

Other Likely Defense in the Walton County DUI Case:

Any errors during the investigation have to do with the probable cause, evidence collection, and processing in drugged driving arrests are subject to problems that can lead to you being incorrectly accused. The Law Office of Richard Lawson has proven to be familiar with tracking down these types of errors and can ensure your liberties as an individual are protected. We always look at the original reason for suspicion to stop you or the roadblock to ascertain if the particular stop or roadside checkpoint was correctly implemented. We will also look at any underlying traffic violation (which resulted in one's DUI) to find out whether it genuinely took place. Lacking the related offenses to the DUI, your "driving while intoxicated" charge could be baseless.


One's driver's license will probably be immediately suspended following the police arrest for drunk driving. You only have thirty days to make sure you ask for a hearing or perhaps your driver's license will be suspended for one full year. Fortunately, you may be able to get your driver's license reinstated at the administrative license suspension (ALS) hearing. At a hearing, you may present a claim demonstrating that you require your driving license; therefore, it should not be suspended. In any typical ALS hearing, various determinations will probably be made. For example, the actual hearing will discuss whether the arresting officer had valid justification to suspect you of drunk driving.

Also, the hearing could very well determine if you caused a car accident, injury or fatality when driving a vehicle intoxicated as well as whether or not you submitted to a blood or breath test. Even though you might represent yourself at an ALS hearing, using an aggressive legal professional fighting for your rights is usually the most successful option to get your license reinstated. At the Law Office of Richard Lawson, all of our DUI attorneys have a wide-ranging comprehension of the DUI court system, which enables us to assist you to have an understanding of your rights and legal situation so that you can enter your hearing fully prepared.


Throughout Georgia, there are many types of DUI. DUI is a general term that could refer to many impaired driving violations. As an illustration, the commonly intoxicated while driving offense could be charged as a misdemeanor, whereas an injury-related DUI offense could lead to felony charges. Vehicular homicide is an extremely dangerous DUI offense. Usually, vehicular homicide means criminal offense of unlawfully killing a person when driving under the influence. To be guilty, the criminal prosecution is required to establish you drove affected by alcoholic beverages or prescription drugs, and that your DUI was, in fact, a major contributor to the loss of life of some other person.


The Law Office of Richard Lawson accommodates numerous driving while intoxicated cases, no matter the severity of the charge. You require an expert on your side, along with an aggressive DUI legal representative to safeguard your rights, particularly with substantial charges that may mean lengthy prison time. We are all skillful Walton County DUI Legal professionals, experienced with the many legal courts in Walton County for instance:  •Walton County Probate Court - Walton County DUI Lawyer  •Walton County Superior Court - Walton County DUI Attorney  •Monroe Municipal Court - Monroe DUI Lawyer  •Loganville Municipal Court - Loganville DUI Lawyer  •Social Circle Municipal Court – Social Circle DUI Lawyer  •Walnut Grove DUI Lawyer  •Bold Springs DUI Attorney


It is sometimes to your greatest benefit to pleading guilty, if, for example, the criminal prosecution has a great deal of proof against you. By having the assistance of an expert lawyer, it is possible to able to work out a plea bargain. A plea deal is defined as an agreement between the defense and criminal prosecution where the defendant agrees to plead guilty if the prosecution charges them a reduced offense. As an example, in exchange for the guilty plea, the prosecution may accept to charge you in the lesser violation of reckless driving instead of DUI. This process can result in reducing problems such as insurance premium raises, penalties and fees, or perhaps jail.

There is help - We can help you with your Walton County DUI Defense:

The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson are highly experienced in plea bargain discussions. If you don't have a respected lawyer on your side, the prosecution can convince you to plead guilty instead of giving you an advantageous bargain. Without a veteran defense attorney, you may not be able to understand the weight of the prosecution's case and be unable to negotiate the most favorable plea bargain.

If you have been accused of drunk driving and don't fully understand where you can turn, talk to a lawyer in the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson to plan a free case assessment. Your court case won't defend itself. You require an accomplished driving under the influence attorney in Walton County to fight for your personal legal rights. A seasoned DUI attorney in Walton County can be contacted around the clock, seven days a week. That includes nights, Saturdays and Sundays, not to mention holidays. Contact us by calling a driving under the influence attorney in Walton County Georgia today. A DUI Lawyer in Walton County Georgia is here to help you.

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