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Lawson and Berry is a Georgia law firm that is devoted entirely to DUI Defense. You will not find any general practitioners here! Richard Lawson is a former Georgia DUI Prosecutor and has over twenty five years' experience in DUI law. Please see his reviews on Avvo and contact our office for a free, no-obligation consultation.

30-Day Warning!

If you have been arrested for DUI in Kennesaw or elsewhere in Cobb County, you only have thirty days from the date of your arrest to file a request for an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing or request an ignition interlock device. If you do not request an ALS hearing, your Georgia driver's license will be automatically suspended. The filing fee is $150. If you have been accused of refusing the State's chemical test of your breath, blood, or urine, your Georgia driver's license will be suspended with no chance for a restricted permit.

For most of us, being unable to drive to work and/or school would drastically affect our livelihood. Do not trust your Kennesaw DUI case to just any lawyer you find on the Internet or in the phone book. We have skilled Kennesaw DUI Lawyers who are ready to help you with your Kennesaw DUI case. Give them a call today. 

Roadside DUI Guide

Wish you had a Kennesaw DUI Lawyer in the car with you to assist you if you get pulled over by law enforcement? Do not know what to expect if you are stopped by police? Not sure what your rights are if police pull you over for suspecting you are driving under the influence? Of course, our Kennesaw DUI Attorneys cannot be with you in the car if you are pulled over for suspicion of DUI, but here are a few tips:

Never EVER drive drunk or impaired – Call a taxi, your best friend, bartender, even your mother. The best way to beat a Kennesaw DUI is not to get one in the first place.

Never admit to consuming alcohol or using drugs -  Never admit to police that you have been drinking alcohol; even if you only had “a couple beers” with dinner. The same thing goes for using drugs. Admitting to those things give law enforcement a reason to put you under arrest and charge you with DUI. You have the constitutional right (under the Fifth Amendment) to remain silent. USE IT!

If you did have a beer prior to being pulled over, do not lie to police and say you did not. However, if the officer asks you if you have consumed any alcohol, you should respectfully use your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent by doing just that. You can simply say to the officer, “Sorry, but I do not want to answer any questions without a Kennesaw DUI Attorney present. Now, am I free to go?”

Ahead of time, decide if you will perform field sobriety tests or submit to breath testing if you are stopped by law enforcement – Once police have you pulled over, the officer will more than likely ask you to perform roadside field sobriety tests such as the HGN, Walk-and-Turn, and One-leg Stand. The result of the breath test will be used as evidence against you in court.

The good and bad about refusing the tests:

  • BAD – If you refuse to test, law enforcement can force you to have a blood draw to determine if you are over the legal limit. A blood test is considered to be more accurate than a breath test. If you are over the legal limit, the blood test is a stronger piece of evidence against you. If you refuse, your license will be suspended for one year. That suspension will be what is called a “hard suspension,” meaning there will be no opportunity for a restricted permit.
  • GOOD – Sometimes police do not take suspects for blood draws because it is more trouble to them. With no breath or blood evidence against you, there is no other real evidence to support the prosecution's case against you (though you still face an ALS with the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS)). If they do happen to take you to the hospital for a blood draw, evidence becomes more complex for the prosecution because they may have to bring in the staff who drew your blood to testify, and that is difficult in itself since those nurses have other things to do such as caring for their patients. Also, field sobriety tests are designed for failure, and law enforcement has their mind made up whether you will pass or fail. Why take a test you know you would more than likely fail while sober?

Kennesaw DUI Defense

You were just arrested and charged with DUI in Kennesaw. What do you do now? First of all, calm down and take a deep breath. It really is not the end of the world. A Kennesaw DUI charge could make your life quite difficult, but there are ways to minimize its impact. There are ways to avoid a driver's license suspension (ALS hearing) and a Georgia DUI conviction. To keep your options open, there are three things you must do:

  • Request an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing or ignition interlock device within thirty days of your Kennesaw DUI arrest;
  • Plead “not guilty” to all of your charges if you have not had time to consult with a Kennesaw DUI Lawyer prior to your arraignment;
  • Contact the Law Office of Richard Lawson as soon as possible for a free consultation with a Kennesaw DUI Attorney.

As DUI Lawyers in Kennesaw, we are often asked, “My blood-alcohol content (BAC) test result is over the legal limit, so I am guilty, right?”

The answer to that common question is that pleading “not guilty” invokes your constitutional rights and requires the State of Georgia to prove the charges against you beyond a reasonable doubt; no matter if you think you are guilty of DUI in Kennesaw or not. Make sure you plead “not guilty” to all of the charges against you. It is all or nothing. DO not plead “not guilty” to some charges and “guilty” to others.

Kennesaw State University DUI Lawyer

Many college students are under the age of 21, and that means that even one drink and afterward driving a car can lead to a DUI arrest. Drivers under 21 who show to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .02 or more are in violation of Georgia's Zero Tolerance law and can lose their driving privilege for up to a year. In addition to a criminal case and an administrative license suspension, KSU students may also be subjected to disciplinary action from the school as well. That could mean losing scholarships, being suspended from school, or even expelled. 

College students who have multiple DUIs or are charged with felony DUI could lose their eligibility for federal student loans that could make it harder to pay the high costs of college tuition. 

With so much at stake for a Kennesaw State student charged with DUI, it is imperative to investigate possible DUI defenses and negotiation options with a Kennesaw State University DUI Lawyer right away.  At the Law Office of Richard Lawson, our Kennesaw State DUI Attorneys have successfully assisted many college students in getting the best outcome possible for their case. Our KSU DUI Lawyers are ready to discuss your case as soon as possible. The sooner we can start investigating defenses, the sooner you can move on with your life after your Kennesaw DUI arrest.  Don't wait; a Kennesaw State University DUI Attorney can help. 

Kennesaw Municipal Court

Kennesaw Municipal Court is held each Tuesday at 2 PM in the Court/Council Chambers of Kennesaw City Hall located at 2529 J.O. Stephenson Avenue, Kennesaw, GA 30144 (doors facing Watts Drive). Kennesaw Municipal Court Judges are Judge Joan Bloom, Judge Charles Chesbro, Judge Harvey Lucas Mayes, IV, and Judge Philip P. Taylor.  Linda M. Johnson is the Chief Clerk.

The Kennesaw City Solicitor will be available to discuss your Kennesaw DUI case with your Kennesaw DUI Lawyer before your appearance before the judge.

The office hours for Kennesaw Municipal Court are Monday – Friday, 7 AM – 6 PM. If you contact the court on Tuesdays after 11 AM, court staff will return your call Wednesday morning.

To avoid having your car towed while attending court, do not park in local business parking lots, as your car will be towed. Instead, please only park in public parking areas.

Map to Kennesaw Municipal Court

Skilled Kennesaw DUI Attorneys Are Here to Help  

A Kennesaw DUI charge is entirely different from any other criminal matter. A Kennesaw DUI case consists of complicated and ever-changing Georgia DUI laws, scientific chemical testing, and standard field sobriety testing. There are no other criminal defense attorneys in the entire State of Georgia who have the range and unique skills that each of our Kennesaw DUI Lawyers possesses at the Law Office of Richard Lawson. Our DUI Lawyers in Kennesaw use that knowledge and skill set to defend our clients and get them the best outcome possible for their DUI case. Time is not on your side. Your situation will not resolve itself. Contact our office today to speak with a Kennesaw DUI Lawyer free of charge.

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When you are arrested for DUI in Georgia, finding the right Lawyer is Job #1. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson we will investigate your case and find the best possible legal defense to your DUI in Georgia. You are in good hands with Richard Lawson and his associates. We will work tirelessly to help you while compassionately holding your hand throughout the entire DUI Defense Process.

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At the Law Office of Richard S. Lawson, we have offices conveniently located throughout metro Atlanta and throughout Georgia. If we do not have a convenient office, we will come to you. We practice throughout Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. If your case is in an area we do not serve, we will find you an attorney in your area free of charge. Our office is part of a State-wide network of Georgia DUI Lawyers. Contact us 24/7 for immediate legal help. Our attorneys are standing by. Your DUI Case will not defend itself. Your Best Georgia DUI Defense Begins Here!