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The Law Office of Richard Lawson is the premier DUI defense firm in the State of Georgia. Richard's rankings and reviews on AVVO, an attorney rating site, are second to none and show why he is the top-rated Georgia DUI defense attorney.

He has been handling DUI cases and other traffic related offenses for over 25 years. Trained as a prosecutor by the very same agencies that are prosecuting you, he has an insight into the State's case that most other attorneys cannot offer.  Familiarity with local judges, prosecutors and practices allow him to negotiate plea agreements other lawyers could never get. If the case cannot be settled, his office will take your case to jury trial. 

His trial experience ensures you will have the most effective, zealous advocate standing by your side throughout the entire ordeal of having a criminal offense pending against you.  Whether plea bargain, motion or trial, Richard will make sure that you get the best possible outcome. 

Many DUI defense attorneys will do everything they can to convince you to accept a plea agreement.  We assume every client is innocent and do not hold any preconceived notions about your case.  The decision to fight your case, settle it, or seek an alternative punishment is always your decision. Our office is your advocate while you make your decision considering what is in your best interest.

Our attention to detail, our open lines of communication with our clients, and our belief that each of our clients deserves the best possible defense led to our overwhelming success in DUI defense.

More importantly, our attorneys care about you and know how much a good outcome means to you and your future.  We understand this is one of the most pressing challenges of your life, and that is why we dedicate ourselves to your defense.

Some of our case results are listed below:

  • State v. KH

    January 2017

    This case was in Helen Municipal Court.  The client was charged with a DUI and four counts of DUI Child Endangerment.  In Georgia, for every child under the age of 14 in a vehicle it is considered a separate DUI offense.  The client would have been declared an habitual violator from one arrest an... Read On

  • State v. MM

    January 2017

    Client was charged with a suspended license because he did not reinstate his privilege to drive after the expiration of his restricted license.  Per my advice, the client properly reinstated his license the day after he was charged.  Case Dismissed in Cobb County State Court.  Read On

  • State v. SB

    December 2015

    Client was a resident of New York who was arrested while he was visiting Georgia for pleasure. He was charged with DUI, Reckless Driving, and Speeding 37 MPH over the speed limit. We were able to get the client an unbelievable outcome in Hampton, Georgia. His DUI dismissed, his speeding ticket wa... Read On

  • State v. AB

    November 2015

    Client is a business professional who was charged with DUI, failure to maintain her lane and open container. She took a breath test and blew above the legal limit. The client's case was reduced to reckless driving allowing her to keep full driving privileges. She served no additional jail time. C... Read On

  • State v. SD

    September 2015

    Client is a police officer.  He was charged with DUI and refused the State breath test. His case was reduced to reckless driving and he received non-reporting probation upon completion of the terms of his sentence.  Read On

  • State v. CW

    August 2015

    Client is a nurse. She was charged with DUI which a conviction for would have had great repercussions on her career and possibly her nursing license. The client's case was reduced to reckless driving and her driving privileges remained undisturbed.  Read On

  • State v. KM

    July 2015

    The client was charged with DUI in connection with a serious accident. A state blood test was taken by warrant which showed a B.A.C. almost three time the legal limit. The client served absolutely no jail time and we were able to keep him driving. Most importantly, he was not charged with the mor... Read On

  • State v. CW

    September 2015

    Client was charged with his third DUI in less than 5 years. His B.A.C. was over twice the legal limit.  He received the minimum sentence for a 3rd DUI which was less time than what he received for his 2nd DUI. The client was extremely pleased. Read On

  • State v. KS

    September 2015

    Client was working in the United States on a business trip when he received his DUI. He was involved in a single car accident when he vehicle slid off the road in a heavy rain storm. We were able to enter a plea in absence of the client which allowed him to travel back to his home county. He rece... Read On

  • State v. JB

    October 2015

    The client recently graduated as a Second Lieutenant in the military. He was charged with a DUI which a conviction for would have greatly effected his career in the military. The client's case was reduced to reckless driving. Because of our advice, the client was instructed to complete any requir... Read On

  • State v. PD

    The client was charged with DUI for the second time in 5 years. The DUI charge was reduced to Reckless Driving saving his job. When facing a second DUI in 5 years in Georgia, there is no limited permit if convicted. As a result, the reckless driving saved the client's job and family income. Read On

  • State v. VT

    The client was charged with two DUIs within a single month. One DUI was reduced to Reckless Driving because of insufficient evidence that he had been driving the vehicle and because of the officer’s failure to properly administer the field sobriety tests. Read On

  • State v. J.W

    The client is a retired military officer who works as a defense contractor. He hold a top-secret security clearance. A DUI conviction would have caused him to lose his top-secret clearance and therefore his job. The case was in Whitfield County Georgia. The arresting officer was extremely opp... Read On

  • State v. SML

    The client was charged with DUI and submitted to a State blood test which showed a B.A.C. almost three times the legal limit. After submitting to the State blood test, the client requested her own blood test at a hospital that was nearby. The officer denied the client's independent test request. Case reduced to reckless driving. Read On

  • State v. VO

    The client was stopped by police at a roadblock. The client was not seen driving in an unsafe manner, but failed several field sobriety evaluations, admitted drinking at a bar nearby, and the officer claimed he smelled strongly of alcohol. The client later submitted to a breath test .079. Case reduced to reckless driving. Read On

  • State v. WU

    The client was pulled over by police after he ran a red light.  He was not asked to perform field sobriety tests, but instead the officers told him the tests were mandatory and that he would be arrested if he refused to cooperate.  The officers also failed to read the implied consent notice. Case reduced to reckless driving. Read On

  • State v. AB

    The client was charged with DUI after the police were called to his girlfriend's home due to an argument that had escalated. Both had been drinking alcohol before the police arrived. The officers had not witnessed the client driving but because of how his vehicle was parked. Outcome: case reduced to disorderly conduct. Read On

  • State v. PS

    The client was stopped for speeding on the interstate and submitted to field sobriety tests that he failed and refused to take the State breath test. The DUI charge was reduced to Reckless Driving after it was determined that the officer did not comply with the NHTSA procedures. Read On

  • State v. RB

    The client was charged with DUI and two counts of DUI Child Endangerment. Because the child endangerment counts in addition to the underlying DUI charge would have meant a three year license suspension. Read On

  • State v. RR

    The client was charged with DUI and Fleeing the Scene of an Accident. This was his second DUI arrest in 10 years, but his case was treated as a first offense and he received no jail time. Read On

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