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The Law Office of Richard Lawson is a law firm specializing in DUI Defense.  Mr. Lawson is a former Georgia prosecutor with over twenty five years' experience defending individuals arrested and charged with DUI.  He is Georgia's top-rated DUI attorney. Check out his Avvo reviews and see why. 

DUI Fact Summary

DUI laws are getting tougher and tougher each year, and so are their punishments. When you are arrested for DUI in Georgia, that arrest sets off both a criminal case AND a civil case with the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS).  Even if it is your first offense, a DUI conviction can result in fines, time in jail, suspension of your driver's license, and more.  Anyone who has been arrested for DUI should contact a skilled and experienced DUI specialist right away.  

Both cases against you are serious and require skilled legal assistance, your Department of Driver Services Administrative License Suspension (ALS) is extremely time sensitive.  

30-Day Warning

If you are arrested for DUI in Georgia, you only have thirty days from the date of your arrest to request an ALS Hearing or to choose to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle.  If the hearing or device is not requested within the thirty-day timeframe, your license will be suspended for a minimum of 30 days.  However, if your DUI Lawyer in Polk County Georgia files for your ALS Hearing or installs the device within thirty days, you can keep your driving privilege until your license suspension hearing is held.  With an experienced DUI Attorney in Polk County GA fighting for you, you could win your ALS case and avoid a license suspension.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Although we call it "drunk driving," driving is not always involved, nor is the suspect always drunk.  A person does not have to be physically operating a motor vehicle to be arrested and charged with being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  If you are even behind the wheel of a parked car with your keys in your hand, you can still be arrested.  When most people think of someone who is "drunk," they think of someone who is staggering, has slurred, incoherent speech, and bloodshot eyes.  One would believe that is the standard for a DUI offense, however, it is not.  If a person is physically and mentally impaired enough by alcohol or drugs that they are unable to drive an automobile safely, a charge of DUI will likely result.  Even if a driver shows no evidence of impairment, they can still be charged with DUI if their BAC is .08% or higher.  

DUI Drugs or Prescription Medicines

We all know it is against the law to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of illegal drugs, but did you know that you can be convicted of DUI for being under the influence of prescription medication? A charge of DUI has nothing to do with whether or not you legally or illegally possessed a particular drug.  The issue is impairment and your ability to drive in a safe manner.  Driving while under the influence of prescription drugs is just as illegal as driving under the influence of alcohol.  

If I Am Pulled Over by Police for Suspicion of DUI, Should I Answer Any Questions?  

If you are stopped by law enforcement, Georgia law requires you to give the officer your name, address, driver's license, auto registration, and proof of insurance. You do not, however, have to answer questions about where you are going, where you have been, or if you have consumed any alcohol.  If you are asked these questions, politely say that you have been advised to not answer such questioning, and you would like to speak with a Polk County GA DUI Attorney as soon as possible.  

Never, for any reason, lie to police about anything.  Even if you are tempted to fudge a little and say you had a couple beers hours ago, or nothing to drink at all, don't do it.  

First of all, officers are trained professionals in determining whether or not a driver is sober.  If you had any alcohol, the police officer can more than likely smell it on your breath, and then will begin judging your speech, coordination, and other movements.  The police will probably figure out that know you lied, and they will be sure to tell that in court if your Polk County Georgia DUI case goes to trial.  

Secondly, your lie could hinder your Polk County GA DUI Lawyer's cross-examining of any forensic witnesses for the prosecution.  Depending on when you are given the chemical test of your breath, blood or urine, your BAC could decrease or increase.  

Why should I choose an attorney who specializes in DUI?

DUI Defense is extremely complicated and challenging.  It requires unique training and skill.  A qualified Polk County DUI Lawyer should be an expert on all alcohol consumption and the human body, including how alcohol is absorbed, and later, burned off.  Our experienced Polk County GA DUI Lawyers know the so-called "forensic experts" who are called by the prosecution and know the weaknesses in their qualifications that can be brought to light during cross-examination.  

Your slip-and-fall attorney or your lawyer friend who did you a favor by drawing up your will are more than likely fantastic, skilled attorneys, but their law experience would be useless to you in defending your Polk County GA DUI case.  Your driver's license, financial resources, livelihood, and freedom are all in jeopardy in a DUI prosecution.  You need nothing less than an expert to assist you!

What if I have additional charges?

It is up to the officer's discretion how many or how few charges they will issue against a DUI suspect. A lot of times (but not always) a driver who is charged with DUI is going to end up with additional charges.  Typically, drivers are charged with DUI along with one (or more) civil traffic violations.  

Our Polk County Georgia DUI Attorneys will handle the additional charges associated with your DUI such as:

At The Law Office of Richard Lawson, our Polk County GA DUI Lawyers will manage every aspect of your case with the compassion and attention to detail you deserve.  

Polk County Georgia Court Information

If you are arrested for misdemeanor DUI within the limits of an incorporated city, your case would be heard in that city's Municipal Court.  

Aragon Municipal Court

If you were arrested for DUI in Aragon, Georgia, contact an Aragon DUI Lawyer as soon as possible to begin building a strong defense in Aragon Municipal Court.  Judge Terry D. Wheeler presides over Municipal Court, and Lori Dunn is the Chief Clerk. Court is held at 2814 Rome Highway, Aragon, Georgia 30104.  Contact (770) 684-6564 for further court information.  Hire a seasoned DUI Lawyer in Aragon to defend your case as soon as possible for the best outcome.

Braswell Municipal Court

If your DUI arrest occurred in the City of Braswell, you need a Braswell DUI Lawyer to defend you in Braswell Municipal Court.  The city of Braswell is in both Paulding and Polk counties.  Judge Brian Hardison is the Municipal Court Judge, and Lisa Pickett is the Clerk of Court.  Court is held at 6997 Braswell Mountain Road, Rockmart, Georgia 30153.  Call (770) 684-7979 for more court information.

The Law Office of Richard Lawson has a team of DUI Lawyers in Braswell waiting to speak with you about what options are available for your case.  Call today!

Cedartown Municipal Court 

For arrests that occurred within Cedartown city limits, you need a skilled Cedartown DUI Lawyer to protect your rights in Cedartown Municipal Court.  Andrew Roper is the Municipal Court Judge, Anna Kerr is the Clerk of Court, and Stefanie Drake Burford is the Solicitor.  Court is held at 105 Prior Street, Cedartown, Georgia 30125.  Call (770) 748-3220 for more information on Cedartown Municipal Court.  Call The Law Office of Richard Lawson for the best DUI Lawyers in Cedartown.

Polk County Georgia Probate Court

Polk County Georgia does not have a State Court, therefore, misdemeanor DUI cases are heard in Polk County GA Probate Court.  Linda H. Smith is the Probate Court Judge, Kathy T. Blalock is the Deputy Clerk, and Debra Brannon is the Traffic Clerk.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. Court is held at Courthouse #1, Room 102, at 105 Prior Street, Cedartown, Georgia 30125.  Call (770) 749-2128 for more information on Polk County Probate Court.  

Polk County GA Superior Court

Polk County Superior Court hears all felony DUI cases.  Shelia Wells is the Clerk of Court, and may be reached Monday through Friday, 9:00 am until 5:00 pm by calling (770) 749-2114.  Court is held in Courthouse #1, at 105 Prior Street, Cedartown, Georgia 30125.  

Superior Court has two weeks of jury trials each month, with an exception for the months of June and July.  

Polk County Superior Court has two judges who preside over felony cases:

Michael L. Murphy - Chief Judge
P.O. Box 186                  
Buchanan, GA 30113

Richard C. Sutton
100 Prior St
Courthouse No. 1
Room No. 105
Cedartown, GA 30125

Our Experience is Your Advantage

Let the Polk County GA DUI Attorneys with The Law Office of Richard Lawson put your mind at ease.  We have a team of skilled DUI Lawyers in Polk County Georgia who have a track record of success in defending DUI cases.  Call us now for a hassle-free, no-obligation case evaluation.  

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When you are arrested for DUI in Georgia, finding the right Lawyer is Job #1. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson we will investigate your case and find the best possible legal defense to your DUI in Georgia. You are in good hands with Richard Lawson and his associates. We will work tirelessly to help you while compassionately holding your hand throughout the entire DUI Defense Process.

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