A Tale Of Two Marijuana Polices

Posted by Richard Lawson | Aug 30, 2014 | 2 Comments

Today, I read that marijuana vending machines are debuting in Colorado.  Some of the machines sell only "medical marijuana."   Had I not been at a restaurant when I was reading the story, I would have broken out into laughter.

The idiots in government cannot stop the indelible push towards human freedom; while, government's desire to regulate never stops pushing back.

A few years ago I was riding in a gondola in Steamboat Springs when a fellow passenger asked me if I would mind if "[he] could take his medication?"  I was stunned by the question, not understanding it.  My reply was: "Sure."  To my surprise, he then proceeded to light up a joint.

My fellow passenger was an able-bodied twenty-something year old SNOW BOARDER, who had a prescription for marijuana.  How ridiculous.

It reminded me of the legal fiction we use when allowing casinos.  In Detroit Michigan, there are several casinos operated by Indian reservations. In Tunica Mississippi, they allow casinos on the "open waterways."  I have been to both casinos; let me break what SHOULD NOT BE NEWS.  There are no Native American Indian Reservations In Detroit.  Also, the "open waterways" in Tunica are traversed by walking over a three foot ramp onto a permanently moored hotel sized structure.

My point is as follows:  If Detroit and Tunica want to have casinos, then have them. Why the dishonesty?  Why the legal fiction?  "Medical marijuana" is also a ridiculous fiction.  Free people like to consume mind-altering substances.  For those how want to cry wolf, right now a wealthy, but depressed, housewife is taking a handful of prescription antidepressants.  While, someone who has been shingling a roof in 95 degrees heat is not allowed to smoke a joint to make himself feel better after working 10 hours?

Let me cover the objection from those who say the prescription drug user is under a doctor's care.  Funny.  Some of the most dangerous people I have met are hooked on pain pills and SSRI's.  These space cadets are far more dangerous than a casual marijuana user.  Also, many heavy users of alcohol are quite frankly mean.  I have yet to meet a marijuana user that appeared dangerous to his fellow man.Let me cover the equally illogical argument where people fear that these marijuana users may be driving cars and putting us all in danger.  THEY ALREADY ARE DRIVING.  We have laws against driving under the influence, they are the DUI Laws.

The legality or illegality of the substance is not correlated to whether someone makes the choice to drive under the influence.  Alcoholic beverages are legal, and some people choose to drive DUI, and thankfully, most do not.

As for the moral argument about marijuana use, just shut up.  I don't use the drug and never have used it.  It is no different than any other chemical relaxant, expect for the fact that drug manufacturers do not get a piece of the action.

In Georgia, the mere possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor.  If convicted, people have a permanent scarlet letter that will marginalize that person every time he or she applies for a job.  To add further injury, the convicted lose their driver's license for 6 months.  While, in Colorado adults can buy marijuana in a vending machine.  This is an interesting tale of two marijuana policies.

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Posted Aug 31, 2014 at 04:31:30

Wow Counselor, that is one well written blog post! I LOVE it! Just awesome!!!

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