Alleged DUI Accident Results in the Death of a Police Chief and a Motorcyclist in South Georgia

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As a Georgia DUI Lawyer, stories that end like the following are devastating to me. This past Saturday night, a high-speed police chase resulted in the death of a local police chief and an elderly bystander.

The accused driver involved in the case is facing charges of:

The driver has been reported as Daniel Hill, a 23-year-old man from South Georgia. The chase encompassed two southern counties and ended near the intersection of GA 38 and GA 57 in Long County.

Police Chief Frank McClelland Jr. exited his patrol car in an attempt to direct traffic so that innocent drivers could avoid the chase between Hill and other officers coming from Liberty County. McClelland was hit by Hill's vehicle and subsequently lost his life.

Hill's vehicle then careened out of control and hit motorcyclist, Marvin Pope, who also lost his life as a result of the incident.

According to reports from the Georgia State Patrol, a Long County officer had successfully deployed stop sticks along GA 38. Hill allegedly struck those stop sticks with his vehicle and continued fleeing the police westbound along the highway at speeds recorded above 100 miles per hour. The vehicle traveled across several lanes of traffic – even crossing onto the wrong side of the road and veering back and forth before hitting both the police chief and the motorcyclist.

Hill eventually crashed into a vacuum pump at the adjacent gas station which ended the chase. And then according to reports of the incident, Hill jumped out of his vehicle and attempted to get away on foot. However, he was quickly apprehended and taken to the hospital. After being checked by physicians, Hill was taken into custody.

Practice Note

I know I tend to highlight worst case scenarios, but the reality is that incidents like the one I focused on above happen in Georgia more often than we would like to admit. The loss of any human life is horrific, and the story above is absolutely tragic.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a serious traffic violation like DUI in Georgia or Reckless Driving in Georgia, contact a Georgia DUI Attorney today. Not every situation mimics the one above, and unfortunately, wrongful accusations do happen quite frequently. We specialize in Georgia DUI Defense and can help discover what the best options are for you in your particular case. Contact us now.

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