Are Georgia DUI laws the same throughout the State of Georgia?

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The short answer is “yes,” our laws are uniform throughout Georgia.  However, punishments do vary depending on the jurisdiction.

In reality, when someone asks whether DUI laws are different throughout Georgia, they are essentially asking a question about Georgia DUI Penalties, and what they can expect in court insofar as punishment is concerned. 

Georgia DUI Laws are the Same Throughout Georgia:

The Georgia General Assembly meets once a year to pass legislation for the entire State of Georgia.  Georgia's DUI Laws are codified in the Official Code of Georgia Title 40.

The Uniform Rules of Court apply, as well, throughout the State.

As a result, on paper people accused of driving under the influence should be treated equally.  However, in the end, people are often treated differently. 

Why do Georgia DUI Punishments vary depending on jurisdiction?

The reason a person in one county may be punished more or less severely than in a neighboring jurisdiction is that judges and prosecutors are human beings, and communities have different standards. 

We elect Probate Court, State Court, and Superior Court judges.  Those judges answer directly to the electorate and punish people based on the values of the community.  City Councils appoint judges and prosecutors, and as a result, those unelected officials answer indirectly to the general public. 

Either way, community values are reflected in how Georgia DUI Laws are enforced.

Something Very Important to Remember:

Defense attorneys, police officers, prosecutors, and judges are all human beings.  As such, we all bring into court, our talents, our bias, and even our prejudice.  Most of us try to overcome our human failings, and sometimes we fail.  

Sometimes justice is a moving target.  Every day, our Georgia DUI Lawyers try to hit it.  When you hire our firm, we will work hard to get you the best possible outcome in your case.  Do not fear Georgia's DUI Penalties.  Call now!

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