Arrested For DUI Over 4th of July Weekend?

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Fourth of July is a time of increased accidents and fatalities on American roadways, due in part to the sheer number of travelers but also due to the amount of alcohol consumption. While anti-DUI campaigns make a rigorous case against drunken driving and drivers are always advised against getting behind the wheel if they have been drinking, it still occurs every fourth of July weekend without fail. This fourth of July was no exception and arrests were fully anticipated. Law enforcement across the country set up DUI roadblocks. Ten states (Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming) have ruled that they are not constitutionally permissible, they are consequently outlawed and they do not allow them in their respective states. Two years ago, Georgia ran Operation Zero Tolerance during the fourth of July holiday period, which ran from June 20 through July 6. The Governor's Office of Highway Safety Director was quoted saying “This July 4th holiday, you can show your patriotism by helping to make Georgia's roads safer for everyone by driving sober or making sure you have a sober ride home,” said GOHS Director Harris Blackwood in a statement. “Drunk driving is a zero tolerance offense. No warnings. You will be arrested and you will go to jail. We repeat this message every year because it's true.”

Approximately 34 million Americans travel by car over fourth of July, presumably ending up at one of the 74 million barbecues held in the country on the fourth each year. 68 million cases of beer are opened, more than any other holiday in the United States including St. Patrick's Day and New Years. In 2012, 44% of crashes over fourth of July weekend in Georgia were alcohol related. In 28% of those crashes, the driver was double the legal limit or higher.

Every community has its own set of DUI mortality and injury statistics, all of which see a spike around the Fourth of July holiday period. Some local publications in various cities will release a list of DUI checkpoint locations prior to the holiday, as a means of warning drivers. Despite being well-meaning, the morality of making such warnings may be questionable.

Unfortunately for those who were hoping for a weekend of relaxation and revelry, many people now find themselves with a DUI or BUI charge. If you were one of the many drivers charged with DUI over 4th of July weekend in Georgia, you are probably concerned about how you are going to deal with the charge, and how it may affect your future. Rest assured you are not alone, as countless drivers are apt to make this mistake over fourth of July weekend. Many of those charged with DUI never anticipate that they will be charged or think they're the type of person who could ever be charged with such an offense.

If you have been charged with drinking and driving over Fourth of July weekend in Georgia, the first step you must take is retaining a skilled and aggressive Georgia DUI Attorney. Time is of the essence in DUI cases, and you only have 30 days to decide whether to appeal your license suspension or install an ignition interlock device. Do not make that decision without first consulting with top-rated Georgia DUI LawyerContact Richard Lawson immediately for a free consultation regarding your charges.

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