Avoid being Ripped Off by a Bonding Company

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One of my pet peeves is when I see a Georgia bail bondsman rip off one of my clients or act in a dishonest way towards them.

When we face the facts, bail bonding is a sleazy business.  There is no way around it.  People are in a difficult situation and need immediate help.  The result is that bail bondsman routinely rip off people in distress.

How Bonding Companies Take Advantage of People:

The most typical "rip off" is when the bonding company takes a deposit from someone, along with their fee.  The result is the bonding company has received a fee, yet they have taken on no risk.  If you have the cash to post the bond, you do not need to pay the middleman.  The best course of action is to post a cash bond instead.

There is one legitimate reason to provide a deposit to a bonding company. When someone needs to post a bond for someone but lives out of state, it is fair for the bonding company to charge a deposit because they are subject to the increased risk that someone will fail to appear in court. 

The second-way bail bondsmen rip off criminal defendants is when the "recommend" attorneys.  These "recommendations" are usually the result of the attorney paying a kickback to the bonding company.  This is completely unethical and improper.

The result of this unethical kickback scheme is that people do not explore what attorney is best for them.  Not every attorney is best in every situation. Criminal defendants need to research which attorney is best for their case.  There is no legal training to become a bail bondsman in Georgia.  Never listen to any of their advice on any subject.

Making a Bad Situation Worse:

The first step when the police arrest a loved-one is to get the person out of jail.  We are available to answer questions before contacting a bonding company, to make sure you are treated properly.  Call a Georgia DUI Lawyer from our office anytime you need our help.  We are here 24/7, 365 days a year.

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