Be Careful With Your Citations And Other Arrest Related Paperwork

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Very often people misplace their tickets and other court-related paperwork after a DUI arrest.  Most people assume that their attorney can go online and simply get new copies of everything.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The legal system is often stuck in a time warp of inefficiencies.  We have to file pleadings in person with the Clerk of Court, where as modern business would use email.  Many of the videos in DUI cases are kept on physical media, versus how a company would keep video and audio files on a server.  Moreover, the information about a person's arrest is not kept in any centralized database.

What we are left with is to view the documents provided to us, or we have to file an open records request with the police agency that arrested our clients in order to get new copies.

The issue we have is that there are certain timetables that apply in every DUI case.  We only have 10 days to appeal the automatic suspension of your driver's license, and some of the information we need for the appeal is on your tickets, etc.

Furthermore, the court date on the citations very often is different from the date on the bond or the date provided to you by the bonding company.  When these dates do not match up, we need to confirm what is our client's correct court date in order to assure it is not missed.

Additionally, over the years I have learned that clients sometimes do not know their exact charges.  Being arrested is a traumatic event, and many people retain very little of what has happened to them.  Also, people do not understand our criminal laws and often have no idea of their charges.  I cannot provide good advice to someone without understanding the nature of the problem.

The solution is quite simple.  If you have been arrested, place everything given to you in a zip lock bag.  When you are ready to hire counsel, you will have everything needed to get started.  You will also protect the contents from sweat, moisture, and from spilled beverages.

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