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People who mean well call our office on behalf of friends and family members.  I totally understand wanting to help out a friend, and for people in custody it's absolutely necessary.

If a person has just been arrested and does not have an attorney, and there is no choice, we will speak to a friend or relative.  However, since every case is different, it's difficult to give a consultation to a friend or family member aside from the individual arrested for DUI.  Only the arrested person knows that facts and circumstances of their arrest.

Additionally, every case is different and everyone's needs are also different.  It is always best to speak to the person arrested.  Furthermore, your friend or family member may have prior offenses that could fundamentally change any advice your Atlanta DUI Attorney may suggest.  That being said, we are always happy to discuss a new case with anyone who calls.

However, we cannot speak to people about our actual clients without their express permission because of attorney-client privilege.  The fact that someone has even been charged with a crime or that we represent the individual is also privileged.

Individuals must be able to trust that their attorney will keep their communications private, and good attorneys strive to maintain that trust so that their clients can be completely candid with them.  This is the reason for attorney-client confidentiality.

This is even more imperative when an individual is in fact guilty of the offense with which they've been charged.  If a guilty person, who potentially has the greatest need for competent legal assistance, hesitated to seek legal advice for fear that their lawyer could not be trusted to keep communications private, the entire system would cease to function.

So, if we are representing your friend or relative, please ask them to contact us before calling or emailing us.  We are always happy to speak to those with whom we have permission to speak.  If you are charged with DUI in Atlanta, call today for a free consultation.  If you have been cited for speeding in Atlanta, call Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyer Richard Lawson.

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