Can a Juvenile DUI Arrest Appear on an Adult Criminal Record in Georgia?

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The short answer is “yes;” however, through the representation of the skilled Georgia Juvenile DUI Lawyers at our office, we may be able to prevent that from appearing on our client's adult record.

Herein Lies the Issue:

Ordinarily, juvenile records are sealed.  As a result, young people get a second chance to start over.  However, even though the criminal records are sealed, our driver's record (MVR) goes back to age 16.  Therefore, a DUI conviction will appear on a juvenile’s MVR, even though it will not be on their criminal history.

Private citizens, insurance companies, universities, and employers can get a seven year MVR.  As a result, a DUI can have a serious impact on a young person's future until age 23. 

Even worse, a prosecutor or judges can see a person's lifetime driver's history.  Accordingly, a DUI conviction at age 16 can affect a person for their entire life.  Prosecutors will be far less forgiving when they see a prior offense.

The key to saving your child's future is to find a way to get a non-DUI disposition in the case.  Our Georgia Juvenile DUI Attorneys have several options available to achieve this goal, the most common of which is called an informal adjustment.

An informal adjustment is used instead of an adjudication of delinquency.  It usually requires the same punishment as if the child pleaded guilty and was found to be delinquent.

Practice Note:

Many people confuse the meaning of the word “Juvenile” in the context of the criminal laws in Georgia. In Georgia, when you turn 17, you are an adult for purposes of our criminal laws.  As a result, you are prosecuted as an adult for any criminal offense that occurs past your 17th Birthday. 

If you have been charged with a DUI and have reached the age of 17, your case has or will be adjudicated as an adult offense with all the consequences therein.  

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