Can a Person Hire an Affordable Georgia DUI Lawyer

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Can a Person Hire an Affordable Georgia DUI Lawyer?

The good news is there are many affordable Georgia DUI Attorneys.  The bad news is many defense attorneys fail to fulfill their role as a zealous advocate for their clients. There is a certain amount of time necessary to provide a proper defense. The following must be done in every Georgia DUI case:

  • The administrative license appeal must be filed (30-day letter)
  • An open records request or discovery request must be submitted to get copies of the incident report, accident reports, and video of the arrest.
  • The police report and other discovery must be reviewed by the attorney and also with the client.
  • The Georgia DUI Attorney must appear at the ALS Hearing and represent the client.
  • Your Georgia DUI Lawyer must attend all court appearances in the criminal case; including arraignment, motions hearings, calendar call, and a trial if needed. 

The Path to an Affordable Georgia DUI Lawyer:

The Ineffective "Experienced" Lawyer:

In my experience, I have seen two types of less expensive DUI Defense Lawyers.  The first (and worst kind) is the experienced attorney who does not spend sufficient time on a case.  Very often those attorneys do not investigate their cases at all.  The above-listed steps are simply not completed under the justification that only a small fee was paid by the client. AVOID THIS TYPE OF LAWYER!!  My position is you are better off representing yourself than being represented in this inadequate manner.

The Good Young lawyer:

My advice for anyone looking for an affordable GA DUI Attorney is to hire a young (but good) attorney.  In effect, their fees are calculated at a lower hourly rate; and as a result, they will have more time to represent a person adequately.

Additionally, most less-experienced attorneys are looking to make a name for themselves.  That can create a mutually beneficial relationship with the client and the attorney.  At our office, we have less expensive young attorneys to whom we refer cases for clients who cannot afford our fees.  That is what we recommend when a person is on a budget.  

Experience is relative.  Remember, a professional can be highly experienced, yet do a bad job.  If you are looking for an affordable Georgia DUI Lawyer, we can help secure the help you need, even if our fees are beyond your reach.   

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