Can my insurance company drop me after a DUI arrest?

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The key word in the question itself is “company.”  Like all business relationships, any party in a relationship has the legal right to decide with whom they want to do business.  Yes, an insurance company can cancel a person's insurance after a Georgia DUI arrest.

That being said, people charged with a DUI are rarely dropped by their insurance company unless they are convicted.  Unless there was an accident, it is unlikely that a person's insurance company will even know that one of their customers has even been charged with a DUI.

How Criminal and Driver's Histories Work?

When the police charge a person with a traffic-related offense, the charge does not get reported on a person's motor vehicle record (MVR).  Only convictions appear on someone's MVR.  In contrast, when a person is arrested, their criminal record shows a record of the arrest from the very beginning.

As a result, if you are charged with a DUI in Georgia, there is no reason to contact your insurance company or fear cancellation immediately.

What About After a DUI Conviction?

A conviction does not always mean an insurance cancellation.  Some insurance companies will not cancel their best customers, those who have had multiple policies for many years.  

Other insurance companies operate as "mutual companies".  As a result, their customers eventually become vested owners of the company.  Although a vested owner can still technically be canceled, it is far less likely to happen after a DUI arrest.

What Can a Person Do After Their Automobile Insurance is Canceled?

The good news is that since all Georgia drivers are required to have insurance, there is always an insurer of last resort.  The bad news is that such insurance is usually expensive, and the coverage is limited.  As a result, some people pay more for lousy insurance than some people pay for extensive coverage.

Never Drive Without Insurance:

The biggest mistake a driver can make is to risk operating a motor vehicle without at least minimum insurance coverage.  To begin with, driving without insurance is illegal.  It can lead to time in jail and a driver's license suspension.  It is also perilous, from a financial point of view.

Uninsured motorists bear the complete burden to pay for damage to an another person's automobile.  Also, a liable uninsured motorist can also be held responsible for any personal injuries sustained by an innocent driver in a car accident.

Very often, a single car accident can drive an uninsured motorist into bankruptcy.

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