Colorado Tries Out An Innovative Drunk Driving Prevention Program

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Colorado is trying out an innovative drunk driving prevention program “[w]ith the goal of reducing the number of DUI-related fatalities and offenses" in the state. According to the Denver Post, the Colorado Department of Transportation is partnering with BACtrack for a campaign entitled, “Before You Go, Know.” BACtrack, which was founded in 2001 by Keith Nothacker, is a company that makes personal breathalyzer devices. The Post reported that devices being used in this campaign, called the BACtrack Mobile Pro, are pocket-sized and “[connect] with a smartphone via Bluetooth to display the user's blood-alcohol level, the time at which their BAC will return to zero and an option to call Uber if the machine registers high intoxication.”

The breathalyzers are being given to 475 individuals who already have a DUI conviction “in exchange for information about whether the device thwarts possible DUI incidents.” In addition to helping drivers in that state better judge how intoxicated they are and whether or not they should get behind the wheel, officials are hoping to “gain insight into the thought processes of people who drink and drive.” The DUI offenders chosen are those who do not have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle and no longer have a suspended license.

According to Nothacker, a pilot study was done in the state last year. Nothacker stated that in that study, “Eighty-four percent of people who had the devices said that it reduced their likelihood to drive while impaired.” Nothacker also stated that the BACtrack Mobile Pro “has the same accuracy as devices used by law enforcement officers.” The program is expected to last six weeks.

New Innovations

BACtrack is not the only company developing personal breathalyzers. Other companies are also creating innovative new ways to detect a person's BAC level. Just recently, Samsung patented a new stylus for its Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone called the S pen. The Korea Times reports that “according to the patent, when the S Pen is used as a breathalyzer or a microphone, a small part of it bends to almost 90 degrees, enabling a couple of sensors inside the tool to measure the alcohol level in the blood, while talking on the phone.” It is unclear when the S pen will be incorporated into Samsung's devices, but if it is, it has the potential to be the “first smartphone with a built-in breathalyzer.”

Georgia DUI Attorney

It will be interesting to see the outcome of Colorado's program. If it is successful, there is always the possibility that other states, including Georgia, could implement similar initiatives. However, it remains to be seen whether technology like a personal breathalyzer will become commonplace in the future. In the meantime, drivers will have to use their best judgment in order to decide if they should get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

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