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A DUI arrest in Atlanta can be embarrassing, frightening, and not knowing how it can affect your driver's license, employment, and many other aspects of your life can be frustrating. In Atlanta Georgia, a DUI conviction, even a first offense, carries harsh penalties and consequences including jail time and a license suspension.  Other requirements such as community service, substance abuse evaluations and treatment, probation, and DUI school will also cost you a significant amount of time and money. That is why its important to hire top-rated Atlanta DUI Attorneys to help.

An Atlanta DUI attorney will review your case and conduct an investigation to determine whether there are any legal defenses to the charges.  Any weaknesses in the State's case against you can be used to persuade the prosecutor to amend the DUI to a lesser charge or negotiate a favorable plea bargain. In the City of Atlanta, a DUI case can be reduced to Reckless Driving, which is a far less serious traffic offense. By negotiating and accepting a plea to a lesser charge you can avoid the risks of trial, while the State is still able to secure a conviction and impose a punishment for the charge. This compromise can be the basis of a successful Atlanta DUI Defense. Your DUI Attorney in Atlanta will always try to seek a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

Reckless Driving is a moving traffic violation and the Department of Driver Services will assess 4 points on your Georgia driver's license. If you have a bad driving history, you may face a points suspension if you accumulate 15 or more points within a 24 month period. If you are concerned about a points suspension you should discuss the option of a nolo plea with your attorney.  For drivers under the age of 21, any offense for which four or more points are assessed will suspend your license for a six month period so a plea to Reckless Driving may cause you to lose your license, but will likely still be a great outcome when charged with DUI. All teenage drivers charged with DUI should hire top-rated Atlanta DUI Lawyers.

If you have a commercial drivers license, your license is your livelihood. Commercial drivers are held to higher and stricter standards than other licensees.  DUI is considered a Major Traffic Violation which results in a one year suspension of your commercial driving privileges. Additionally, even refusing to submit to a state-administered chemical test is considered a Major Traffic Violation.  If you have any past convictions, the stakes are higher because you will be facing a lifetime disqualification for a second Major Traffic Violation conviction. Hiring an Atlanta DUI Lawyer is very important to CDL Drivers charged with DUI in Georgia.

For commercial drivers, your DUI Lawyer in Atlanta will need access to your driving history from every State in which you have received a traffic citation.  Otherwise minor traffic infractions may be considered Serious Traffic Violations for commercial drivers, which cause a minimum 60-day disqualification if two or more convictions are incurred within a three year period.  If your DUI charge is reduced to Reckless Driving, a close look at your driving history is even more important because it is also a Serious Traffic Violation and may cause a suspension if you have prior violations.

As you can see, DUI in Atlanta can be complicated, but there is hope.  Contact the top-rated DUI Defense Attorneys in Atlanta today. Your best defense and access to the the top-rated DUI Defense Lawyers in Atlanta is only a phone call away.

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