Conditions of Probation for a DUI in Georgia

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It was reported today that an Ohio judge was ordering person's convicted of driving under the influence to install ridesharing software on their phones (Uber and Lyft).  I found this condition of their probation to be peculiar.  

Installing such software seems to imply that a person on probation can drink alcohol and get a ride home.  Although better than driving while impaired, having someone install ride-sharing software misses the point of trying to change behavior.  

The conditions of probation for a DUI in Georgia ordinarily requires a person to abstain from all use of alcohol or illegal drugs.  Furthermore, most courts will order random testing for the use of alcohol or drugs, and any positive result will lead to a revocation of probation.

Some probation officers use EtG testing.  “EtG” is a metabolite of ethyl alcohol and remains in a person's body long after the impairing metabolites of alcohol dissipate.  It can stay in a person's urine sample for as much as 80 hours.  

Combined with random screens for alcohol use, EtG testing can catch individuals who have consumed alcohol, even though they are completely sober when visiting with their probation officer.

Many probation departments utilize a system that requires probationers to call every day to check to see if they are required to come in for a test.  The probationer calls in daily, and if a person's case number is listed, they have 24 hours to come in for screening.

Failure to come in is considered a positive screen.  Also, when someone dilutes their urine sample, through consumption of extra liquids, it is also considered a positive sample.

Other conditions of probation for a DUI in Georgia include:

Fines between $300 - $5000

Community service between 40 – 240 hours

Alcohol and drug counseling

Loss of driving privileges

Regular visits with a probation officer

Attendance of a MADD Mothers Victim Impact Panel

DUI Court (for multiple offenders)

DUI School

Incarceration from 24 hours to as much as one year

If you are charged with a violation of probation in Georgia, call our office as soon as possible.  We are here to help 24/7.

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