Counties and Municipalities Will Be Issuing More Tickets to Raise Needed Revenue

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Cobb County Police Car

Marietta Ga. – My legal assistant Connor mentioned to me in passing today that she saw several police officers on the East-West Connector this afternoon.   Her exact words were: “There were 15 police officers.” Although she may have been slightly exaggerating the number, the fact is, traffic enforcement is back on in Georgia.

Why does this matter?

As reported in the news, the State of Georgia has projected at least 14% budget cuts for the fiscal year 2021.  For whatever it's worth, I think budgets will be even more constrained.  One quick way of raising revenue is traffic ticket enforcement.

For our purposes, as Georgia DUI Lawyers, traffic enforcement causes a citizen to have an interaction with the police.  Once a police officer legitimately approaches a vehicle, they have the right to perform any investigation supported by probable cause.

If a police officer sees drugs in plain view, they can make an arrest for possession of drugs.  If a police officer witnesses a domestic disturbance, he can investigate the incident.  In the case of DUI, when an officer believes a driver may be impaired, he can initiate a DUI investigation.   As a result, added traffic enforcement always results in more DUI arrests.

What can a person do to avoid being suspected of DUI?

  1. For one thing, STFD (slow the f..k down).
  2. Limit alcohol consumption before operating a motor vehicle and wait a sufficient time to metabolize anything consumed.
  3. Have a designated driver or use a ride-sharing service
  4. Know your right to an independent chemical test after taking the State's breath or blood test.
  5. Know the all field sobriety tests are voluntary and cannot be compelled.

Act Now!

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