Deciding Between a Plea Bargain and a Trial

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The most important decision to make in any criminal case is the decision to fight a case or to settle a case.  In a DUI case, your Georgia DUI Lawyer needs to investigate all potential legal and factual defenses before a person can make the best decision.

The most important thing a criminal defendant needs to understand is that the right to a jury trial belongs to the accused.  Your Atlanta DUI Attorney cannot make the decision for you.  Anyone charged with a crime has an absolute right to a jury trial.  Never let your attorney overly influence or pressure you when making the decision to fight your case.   

That being said, our attorneys are trained to investigate and present all potential defenses to a person's DUI case.  All of our attorneys have been trained in standardized field sobriety testing and all other police procedures involved in a DUI arrest. In our system of law, when the police do not follow all the correct legal and constitutional procedures then they cannot prosecute a person charged with a crime.

The Process of Defending a Georgia DUI Case:

The first step is to order the reports and the video of the arrested.  After we review the evidence, the next step is a client meeting to discuss the evidence.  Most of the time we can send the video and reports to our clients before the meeting. 

After reviewing the evidence, we help our clients come to the best decision in the case.  As stated above, the choice as to whether to go to trial or negotiate a settlement is 100% the client's decision.  

That being said, we often will not project the decision to the prosecutor because there could be a better plea offer closer to trial.  No matter the offer, we will present it to our clients.  We never accept or reject any plea offer without our client's consent.

Why Choose a Georgia DUI Specialist?

Our office focuses our practice on DUI Defense.  No person can be an expert in several areas of the law, yet people dabble in DUI defense at the expense of their clients.  To present the Best Georgia DUI Defense, call now.

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