Does a DUI Defendant need a “Local” Lawyer?

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Many prospective clients assume that they need a DUI lawyer that lives in the community in which the arrest occurred.  There was a time when this may have been true.  In the modern practice of law, most attorneys appear in many different courts, and that experience is the true advantage.

Our law practice focuses exclusively on defending DUI cases in Georgia.  We handle cases throughout Metro Atlanta, Middle Georgia, and North Georgia.  Through our experience, we witness the latest defense tactics and strategies.  We gain from the examples of other attorneys practicing law throughout Georgia.

The experience we gain witnessing court hearings throughout Georgia is far more important than having a personal knowledge of how one judge may rule in particular situations.  That being said, with e-mail list-servers and through associations of Georgia DUI Attorneys, we can have our cake and eat it too.

We can easily learn how local judges and prosecutors view cases and defenses.  In 2016, nothing is secret. As a result, we get the experience of seeing cases through our state while still knowing how local prosecutors and judges view defense strategies. 

As a result, my attorneys can serve as “local” counsel anywhere in Georgia.  

Practice Note:

I tell potential clients every day that regardless of the talent of your attorney or how well he or she knows the judge or prosecutor, the case itself still matters.  In the world of 24-hour news and social media, no case is dismissed just because a person's attorney knows someone.  

No judge or prosecutor wants to appear on their local news or in their local newspaper as the person who dismisses DUI cases.  No one will risk their career to help out an attorney friend and his or her client.

As I have grown older, many of the people with whom I attended law school are now judges and senior prosecutors.  These friends treat me very well on a personal level.  None, however, make rulings for me that they would not make for another attorney.  

People hire our office because if there is a potential legal or factual defense available, we will find it. If not, we will negotiate the best possible outcome.  No other Georgia DUI Attorneys do it better.   

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