Driver Causes Multiple Wrecks and one death in Atlanta Metro Area crashes

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It has been reported that a 70 year old driver, Michael Owen Snider caused more than 15 accidents and one fatality.  According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the driver may have acted with actual criminal intent.  This means he may have actually intended to harm others. The wrecks occurred in Dekalb County and Gwinnett County. These are counties in Metro Atlanta.

In ordinary DUI cases and even fatalities, the accident is unintentional.  That does not mean the person arrested is not responsible.  Of course, any driver who drives impaired and causes an accident is responsible for the consequences. When a driver causes the death of another person while DUI, the charge would be Felony Vehicular Homicide.  If a driver causes serious injury to another person while impaired, the charge is Felony Serious Injury by Vehicle.  These charges are as the result of unintentionally harming another person.

What is unique and frankly disgusting about this case is that the suspected DUI driver may have intentionally tried to harm his victims.  This is almost unheard of and may cause the charges to be ungraded to Murder and Aggravated Assault (which is tantamount to attempted murder).  These crimes are crimes of specific intent.  As a result, the prospective punishments range from 20 years in prison for the aggravated assault to life in prison for the murder.

If true, (this is commentary) Mr. Snider would certainly deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison.  If true, his behavior is completely disgusting and despicable.

In my practice we represent those who are charged with DUI and person how unintentionally harm others while driving. I have absolutely no desire to represent someone who intentionally tries to hurt other people.  A person so charged deserves representation, but they can go elsewhere.

I believe everyone deserves representation, but I don't have to be their lawyer.  The people I represent who have harmed others are universally mortified that they have hurt another person, whether guilty or not guilty.  They are good people who are destroyed by the fact they hurt someone else.

When someone calls my office, I reserve the right to choose whom I represent.  If you are in need of an Atlanta DUI Lawyer, call now for immediate legal attention. The Atlanta DUI Lawyers at our office are always here to help those charged with DUI in the Atlanta Metro Area. Our Atlanta DUI Attorneys are trained by the same people prosecuting the case against you. Call and Atlanta DUI Attorney today.

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