DUI in Georgia: Breath and Blood Tests

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Today, I'd like to focus on both Georgia DUI breath and blood tests. The most common test is the breath test. Breath tests are the fastest, most convenient, and easiest tests for law enforcement officers to utilize in a suspected DUI situation. However, they are not the most reliable.

Georgia uses the Intoxilyzer 9000 as our primary breath testing machine. However, we do not properly service the machine. Georgia also only calibrates our breath-testing machines four times a year (quarterly). In comparison, many states calibrate their breathalyzers daily. Some state calibrate their breathalyzers with every test.

The result is that the breath test is open up to many different DUI defenses in Georgia. A skilled Georgia DUI Defense Attorney can challenge the accuracy of any breath test given in Georgia. 

Since the breath test is becoming increasingly less reliable, law enforcement officers may request a blood test instead. Blood tests can also be challenged for many different reasons. The potential issues with blood tests include errors during collection, machine malfunctions, variations in results, possible contaminations, and chain of custody of the sample. 

Most people believe if they “fail” a breath test or a blood test, then they are destined for conviction. This is not true. A DUI arrest is embarrassing and confusing. A DUI arrest means jail time, fines, and fear of conviction. Conviction penalties are harsh, but they do not have to happen. Hiring an experienced and top-rated Georgia DUI Lawyer is your best defense. Our attorneys can help you challenge your DUI charge and avoid severe penalties by looking for alternative sentences and every possible defense. 

Each DUI case is complicated and individual. You need a lawyer who is an expert and can analyze evidence in detail. Our lawyers begin each case with the goal of getting charges reduced or dismissed. There are many different defenses to breath and blood tests in DUI cases. The test results are the most condemning evidence against you because they show the blood alcohol content on the night of your DUI arrest. We work with toxicology experts and understand the methodology of DUI testing, so that we can challenge the validity of all test results. 

We are a dedicated law firm and have focused our practice on DUI law in Georgia for over twenty years. Contact our office today to speak with a Georgia DUI Lawyer and discuss the best possible outcome in your DUI case.

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