DUI Mom in Texas Arrested for Allowing Kids to Ride on Top of Car

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Kisha Young, 38, of Crowley, Texas was arrested Tuesday evening for “intoxication assault” after four children between the ages of 8 and 14 fell off the trunk and hood of her car.  Two other children were also on top of the car, but did not fall off.   A mom of one of the injured children was also in the vehicle with Young and was unharmed.

Young was driving the children home from a neighborhood pool and did not want the children's wet bathing suits to damage her car seats.

The drive home was supposedly a mile away, but when Young made a sharp turn, the children fell off and tumbled to the ground.  She did not notice that any of the children had fallen off her car until she was at the end of the block.  At that time, she went back to see what happened.

Four kids were injured, with three having minor injuries and were treated at a hospital and released.  The fourth child, the 12-year-old daughter of the other mom in the car, was airlifted to a local hospital for treatment for a serious head injury.

Young had called 911 and was arrested after failing field sobriety testing.

She was charged with two additional felonies: injury to a child, and driving while under the influence with a child under 15 years of age.  The police alerted Child Protective Services.  Police say the mom of the injured girl may also face charges.

Young is being held on $110,000 bond at the jail in Crowley.

Although this incident happened in Texas, it very well could happen here in Georgia or anywhere else since alcohol impairs one's judgment and can make people do stupid and dangerous things.

In Georgia DUI Child endangerment is a serious offense.  If you are arrested for DUI in Georgia with children in your vehicle under the age of 14, an additional DUI charge will be levied against you for EACH child in (or in this case, ON) your vehicle.  If this particular case were prosecuted in Georgia, this mother could be facing seven, yes, SEVEN charges of DUI.  Georgia law says that four DUI charges automatically bump a case up to a felony level.

If you are in a custody dispute with a soon-to-be ex-spouse, these charges could greatly jeopardize your case and make you lose custody of your kids due to child endangerment.

Please do not endanger your children's lives and the lives of others by driving drunk.  It's just not worth it; not even for a one-mile trip home!

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