Duluth Georgia Police Department's New High-Speed Chase Technology

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The Duluth GA Police Department has an awesome new piece of equipment to aid them in car chases.  It is high tech and should make high-speed car chases a thing of the past.  Ending high-speed chances will make our roads far more safe for all drivers.

Duluth is the first police department in Georgia to employ this new technology, called the StarChase System.  The system is a device that is something one might see in the movies.  StarChase shoots a canister out of from the grille of the police cruiser that sticks a GPS device with an aggressive adhesive to the back of the eluding vehicle.

Police can then back off of the chase and follow the suspect at safe speeds while the device tracks them on a computer screen in real-time.

The device can be activated while the officer's vehicle is at a stop, at a high rate of speed, and even via remote while the officer is out of his cruiser talking to the driver.  Once the canister is stuck to the suspect's vehicle, the officer can use his or her Internet connection to track said vehicle.

Police say the device is legal because it's only used on fleeing suspects and drivers where they already have probable cause that a crime has been committed.

The device, designed by a company in Virginia, is supposed to have an 80% apprehension rate with no fatalities or injuries.  Studies have shown that a suspect slows down within 10 miles per hour of the speed limit in 1:45 of the device being attached to the car.

Following the fleeing vehicle at a reasonable speed is much safer for all involved in high-speed chases; officers and criminals alike.

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