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After your Georgia DUI Attorney files an appeal of your license suspension, the case will be set for an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) Hearing.  Many of these hearings are settled by an agreement between the parties; however, for strategic reasons sometimes a hearing is necessary.

Keep in mind Georgia ALS Hearings are not designed to be won by the accused.  The reason we go through the process is to gain valuable discovery about the case; things that cannot be found in a police report.  That can be especially helpful in cases where there is no dash-cam video of the arrest.

Since it is unlikely the accused will win (at this stage), he or she will then need to pick up an ALS Permit to Drive.  The permit can only be obtained at the central office of the Department of Driver Service (DDS) in Conyers.  For hours and location click here

10 Admonitions:

  1. The clerks in Conyers may tell you that an ALS Permit is available at all DDS locations. That is true in theory, but almost always wrong in practice. It is our experience that the satellite locations do not properly handle this procedure.
  1. The permit is good for 30 days.
  1. Drivers over the age of 21 should reinstate their license after the 30 days are up by presenting their DUI School Certificate and $210 for full reinstatement.
  1. For drivers under the age 21, we strategically choose to continue driving on a new ALS permit for at least six months and sometimes 12 months. That means the driver will have to go to DDS every month for a new permit.  DO NOT REINSTATE.   Each 30-day permit (for under 21-year-old drivers) counts towards their suspension time.  As a result, we can limit the suspension time through this loop-hole.  To avoid the possibility of the clerk at DDS from giving you back a full license, do NOT bring your DUI School certificate until we instruct you to reinstate fully.  *Note: the clerks at the DDS mean well, but their advice is very often contrary to the opinion of your Georgia DUI Lawyer
  1. Always have a ride to the Department of Driver Services when picking up an ALS Permit, reinstating a license, or when renewing the permit, in the case of under 21-year-old drivers.
  1. These permits are only available when the driver has taken the State-Administered chemical test. In refusal cases, license suspensions are for 12 months without the availability of a permit.  That can affect the decision to have a hearing, or to settle the case to avoid the suspension.
  1. The Georgia Department of Driver Services is closed (for some entirely unknown and illogical reason) on Mondays.
  1. We do not recommend going on a Saturday because there is no one we can call to assist you in the event there is a problem.
  1. Once the ALS Decision is posted by the Office of State Administrative Hearings, do not drive until the permit is obtained.
  1. In the rare event the ALS Hearing is won, you may fully reinstate your license, and you will not be charged a reinstatement fee.

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