Georgia Bus Driver Facing DUI Charges

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March is an exciting month for basketball and teams travel all over the country to compete in March Madness. West Georgia's Technical College women's basketball team was going to Maryland for the NJCAA Division III District Championship when they were in an accident. The team's bus driver, Willie Frank Walker, of Carrollton was driving the bus at the time, and they were driving through Pulaski County in Virginia. The evidence showed that the bus drifted into the lane of a tractor-trailer, sideswiped it, and then ran off the road. Walker proceeded to run off the road a second time before hitting an embankment and overturning. There were eleven people on board, but all received non-life-threatening injuries. Walker has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs and possession of marijuana

What Happens if an Out of State Driver Receives a DUI in Georgia?

If you do not live In Georgia and receive a DUI, the DUI will most likely affect your right to drive in your home state. It can be very difficult for an out of state resident to fight a Georgia DUI because of the travel required to attend the hearings, trials, etc. This is where our office can help!

After being arrested for a DUI in Georgia, the Department of Driver Services will suspend your license after 45 days. This is separate from the criminal Georgia DUI process. Once again, it can be difficult to defend if you live out of state. That is why it is crucial to hire an experienced Georgia DUI Attorney. Our Attorneys can file for an ALS hearing within the 30-day period to save your license. We will attend the hearing for you, so you do not have to. 

If you do not request an ALS hearing within 30 days, then your privilege to drive in Georgia will be suspended. Now you may be thinking that it does not matter because I do not even live in Georgia. However, doing nothing can be a grave mistake. Most states share adverse administrative actions resulting from a DUI. Therefore, your home state will likely suspend your driver's license based on Georgia's administrative finding. If this happens, you have to first reinstate your driving privileges in Georgia before your license suspension can be lifted in your home state. 

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To avoid an out of state DUI affecting your driving privileges, contact The Law Office of Richard Lawson now. Our Georgia DUI Lawyers understand what consequences DUI convictions will have on your future. Just because you live out of state does not mean you have to accept a guilty plea. Let us fight for you. Never face severe Georgia DUI Penalties without first speaking to our office. Call now to schedule a free case evaluation. 

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