Georgia DUI Issues for Out of State Drivers

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Have you visited Georgia recently and while here arrested for DUI?

Most people do not realize that being an out of state driver can have a significant impact on the type of advice they receive in regards to a DUI arrest.  An out of state driver will face many issues that a Georgia driver will not face, especially regarding any potential license suspension.  The issue is complicated by the fact that you can face different drivers license consequences controlled by your home state as well as Georgia consequences and punishments. If you are facing a Georgia DUI as an out of state driver, you need immediate help.

If you are an out of state driver who has been arrested in Georgia for DUI, you will still have 30 days to either send a letter to appeal an automatic license suspension by the Georgia Department of Driver Services or to install an ignition interlock device to avoid your license suspension.  While the state of Georgia can only suspend your privilege to drive within the state, any suspension in this state will be reported to your home state, which will control whether your driver's license will be suspended and for what length of time.  Some states will not recognize a Georgia suspension, but states with harsher DUI laws may suspend your driver's license for a period significantly longer than you would have faced as a Georgia driver's license holder.

Because Georgia only controls the licenses and driving privileges within this state, Georgia can only grant limited-use driving permits to Georgia licensees.  Out of state drivers cannot get limited-use permits to drive within this state, and so any suspension for an out of state driver will be a hard suspension.  This can be very harsh, especially for students going to school in Georgia if they are licensed in other states.

If you were arrested for DUI while visiting Georgia, it may not be convenient to come back to Georgia to resolve your case.  It will be necessary for a Georgia DUI attorney to appear in court and negotiate your case on your behalf if circumstances prevent you from being able to appear yourself.  Many courts will allow a Plea in Absentia to be presented for out of state drivers because of this.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Georgia, but have an out of state license, it is important to contact a DUI attorney who has experience in dealing with the issues specific to out of state licensees so that you can keep driving whether you intend to remain in Georgia or return to your home state.

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