Georgia DUI Schools - How They Affect You

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If you are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Georgia, you are required to attend DUI school as part of your sentence. DUI school is more formally known as a Risk Reduction Program, and knowing your requirements is a part of moving forward after a DUI arrest. An experienced Georgia DUI attorney can assist you with your case and the steps you need to take.

Do I Have to Attend DUI School?

Individuals who are convicted of certain offenses in Georgia are required to attend a Risk Reduction Program which is licensed by the Georgia Department of Driver's Services (DDS). They are:

  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Boating Under the Influence
  • Underage Possession of Alcohol while Operating a Motor Vehicle
  • Possession of Illegal Drugs

You must attend the program before your driver's license can be reinstated. Before signing up for a particular course, you should ensure that your schedule allows you to make every class. Attendance and late policies at these classes are very strict.

Two Components of the Program

1. The Assessment

The first part of the program is the assessment. The assessment is a 130 question screening meant to determine the extent of an individual's drug and alcohol use on their ability to drive. The assessment component costs $100.00 and is set by state law.

2. Intervention Component

The second part of the program is the required 20-hour course you must complete. The course is given in a group setting, and cannot be completed online. It consists of several classes over different days and is meant to offer education and group counseling about drug and alcohol use and how it affects your driving and the lives of others. The intervention component costs $235.00 and a workbook which costs $20.00, also set by state law.

Certificate of Completion

After you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. It must include:

  • Course hours completed
  • Name, phone number, and address of the DUI school
  • A valid signature of a program official, the type of program, and the completion date
  • The name of the student and the date of birth

In certain cases, the Georgia DDS will accept certificates of completion from DUI schools in other states. It must be subject to the same requirements as Georgia DUI schools and be on an approved reciprocity list. You should consult your Georgia DUI attorney before choosing an out of state course.

Clinical Evaluation

Depending on the specific facts of your situation, you may also be required to participate in a clinical evaluation. This is separate from your Risk Reduction Program. At the evaluation, you will speak with a licensed counselor who will decide whether you need treatment for substance abuse.

The counselor will write up a report that will be given to your attorney or probation officer, depending on when you take the course. Judges usually require that you comply with any recommended treatment before your license will be reinstated.

Consult Your Attorney

Every situation is different, and the legal process can be confusing. With a highly experienced Georgia DUI attorney, you can be sure that your rights are protected and you take the required steps. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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