Georgia State Trooper Arrests Georgia Police Chief for Alleged DUI

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A Dillard City Police Chief was arrested for an alleged DUI in Georgia. According to reports, Jeremy Welch was pulled over by a Georgia State Trooper in Clayton County. The trooper reported that the vehicle smelled like alcohol, and that Welch admitted to consuming a 6-pack of Bud Light at least two hour before driving.

The trooper also stated that there was an open can of Bud Light in the center console of Welch's vehicle.

As a Georgia DUI Lawyer, I will outline one of the offenses the police chief has been accused of committing - open container.

Open Container in Georgia

Open Container in Georgia is defined by the law in the Georgia Code in O.C.G.A. §40-6-253 as:

A person shall not: (A) Consume any alcoholic beverage; or (B) Possess any open alcoholic beverage container in the passenger area of any motor vehicle which is on the roadway or shoulder of any public highway.

Any person who violates the law regarding open container is subject to a fine not to exceed $200.00.

If an individual is charged with open container in addition to a DUI charge, the case should be taken very seriously. Although, charged on its own, an open container may not seem a big deal, coupled with a DUI and another traffic offense such as failure to maintain lane in Georgia or reckless driving in Georgia, then the charge can actually enhance the potential Georgia DUI Penalties.

Practice Note

Remember - an arrest for DUI does not mean that you are guilty. We never assume guilt. Do not take whatever the prosecutor in your case offers just because you think it is the easy way out.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI, contact a Georgia DUI Attorney today. We can help you with your case. Hiring an attorney can be very stressful and complicated - to make matters worse, the clock begins ticking in a DUI case the moment you get arrested.

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