Georgia Traffic Offenses are Misdemeanors

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One of the most interesting things about the traffic laws in Georgia is that they are all found in Title 40 of the Georgia Criminal Code.  As a result, all Georgia traffic offenses are actually misdemeanors.  That reality is a shock to almost anyone who gets a "ticket."

In more progressive states, traffic tickets are considered civil infractions. The consequences are limited to fines and loss of a person's license to drive.  In Georgia, the consequences are far more severe.  Interestingly, it also means that a person with a a speeding ticket or other minor traffic offense can demand a trial by jury.

Even for the least serious traffic offense in Georgia, you are facing 12 months in jail and up to $1000 in fines.  Of course, such penalties for traffic offenses almost never happens.  No one is getting 12 months in jail for their traffic ticket.

So, why does this matter in a Georgia DUI case.

The reason it matters is that when a person is charged with other offenses, Georgia judges and prosecutors use the traffic offenses to extend punishment.

For example:

If a person is charged with DUI, Failure to Maintain Lane, and Speeding, they can be sentenced to 36 months of probation.  So, the fact that there are additional charges can result in more probation, higher fines, mandatory treatment for the total length of the sentence, and supervision for a time period longer than a DUI arrest will allow. This is why the underlying and related offenses matter so much.

So, it's important to hire a Georgia DUI Lawyer who understands more than just DUI law.  You need someone that understands about Georgia traffic laws and how to defend against traffic tickets, as well as the DUI.  Contact us today.  Our Georgia Traffic Ticket Lawyers are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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