Gwinnett Mom Arrested for DUI with Kids in Car

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A Gwinnett County mother was arrested early Sunday for DUI.  Her two children, ages seven and four, were with her.

Rashanda Horsley, 29, was driving along River Road in Lawrenceville when she crossed the centerline of the road and almost struck a police officer head-on.  Her children were in the back seat and were reportedly unharmed.  This is the only good news in this story.

When police pulled her over, they saw that Horsley apparently had a passenger in the front seat of the car, but he was not intoxicated.

Horsley was described as “belligerent and boisterous,” and seemed to be under the influence of alcohol.

Corporal Jake Smith of the Gwinnett County Police Department said that Horsley was crying hysterically and was unable to find her driver's license.  The officer got Horsley out of her car to do more investigating, and Horsley urinated in the street in front of the officer's patrol car.

Ms. Horsley was charged with DUI, DUI Child Endangerment, and Reckless Conduct.  She will receive a separate DUI Child Endangerment charge for each of her two children, so she will in effect be charged with THREE DUIs.

Most people are unaware that for punishment purposes, each charge of child endangerment is considered a separate and distinct DUI charge.  As a result, a person can become a habitual violator from just one DUI arrest.  For obvious reasons, child endangerment is a serious offense.  She will need a top-rated Gwinnett County DUI Lawyer.

The children have been left in the care of Horsley's mother, Robin. Robin told police there had been a sudden death in their family and that Horsley may have had too much to drink because of it.  Still, she made no excuses for Horsley.

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