How a DUI case proceeds in Forsyth County Georgia

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Forsyth County Courthouse

Cumming Ga. - Forsyth County GA is both the fastest growing and wealthiest county in the state of Georgia. Home to nearly a quarter of a million people, Forsyth County has had some explosive changes over the past 20 years.  A brand-new courthouse was constructed in downtown Cumming just a few years ago to keep up with the growing population. 

Along with a growing population has come the increasing visibility of DUI enforcement.  Forsyth County has one of the most difficult DUI court systems in Georgia for the accused.  Bill Finch is the lead DUI prosecutor and has a large staff assisting him in prosecuting drivers.  Our Forsyth County DUI Lawyers defend DUI cases throughout metro Atlanta, and in nearly every jurisdiction, the arresting police officer has authority as to how to proceed with an initial license suspension following arrest.  However, that is not the case when we deal with Forsyth County DUI arrests. 

In Forsyth County, Mr. Finch and his assistant prosecutors aggressively seek to suspend the licenses of those recently charged (but not convicted) of DUI.  This usually happens before any regular court proceeding and without a great deal of time to obtain and review evidence.  It is extremely critical if you are facing a DUI charge in Forsyth County to consult with a Forsyth County DUI Defense Attorney shortly following your arrest.  To avoid a license suspension, a Forsyth County DUI lawyer can advise you of your options.  For some drivers, an ignition interlock device can be installed in lieu of a suspension.  For other drivers, an interlock device may be no solution at all, and other alternatives need to be explored.  For those drivers, our office will file an appeal of the license suspension within 30 days of the arrest to make sure you can continue to legally drive.

Forsyth County DUI cases are litigated in the State Court of Forsyth County.  There are split between two judges – Judge Leslie Abernathy-Maddox and Judge Russell McClelland.  Both judges are very well versed in DUI law and take their responsibility presiding over DUI cases very seriously.  Even for a borderline first offense case with a respectful driver, they usually want rigorous probation, some jail time, and limited driving.  If a driver has ever had a prior DUI, even if 20 years ago, plea offers from Mr. Finch typically demand several months in jail. 

Reductions to lesser charges such as reckless driving are hard-fought.  There are many long court dockets, and the burdens of a DUI sentence are onerous, so Forsyth County is definitely a place where an experienced Forsyth County DUI Attorney is needed to guide you.  On the bright side, the Forsyth County judges are up to date on developments in DUI law and will give you a fair “Motion” hearing.  A defense attorney can better verse you on what may be a good “Motion” issue/defense, and if you are not guilty, justice can prevail.  Jurors in Forsyth tend to be conservative and rather anti-DUI, but “not guilty” verdicts do happen for those wrongly accused. 

In addition to Forsyth County, police officers and deputies making arrests, the city of Cumming has its own court and police department.  The city court is much smaller than the county court, but DUI cases are regularly handled in the City of Cumming.  The city court is also tough on DUI offenders, and a skilled DUI lawyer is needed to help you get the best possible outcome and preserver your driving privileges. 

Our Forsyth County DUI Attorneys are here to help 24/7 to make sure your rights are protected. Call now.  Your best defense begins here!

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