How A Temporary License Or Restricted License Affects Your Ability To Rent A Car Or Drive A Company Vehicle

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If you have been arrested for a DUI, the officer may have given you a DS-1205 Form if you either refused the state administered breath test or tested over the legal limit. The DS-1205 Form is your temporary driver's license for the 30 days following your arrest.

While most of our clients want to know what happens after the 30 days, some are concerned with how a restricted license or temporary license might impact their jobs, particularly those which involve travel or driving a company vehicle.

Can I Rent A Car With A Restricted License or a Temporary License Given After A DUI Arrest?

No. Unfortunately, rental car companies do not lease to people with a restricted license. This poses significant issues for some of our clients, particularly those who often travel for work.  Rental car companies require a valid license.

Luckily for these clients, our office has a few tips to help you around this "roadblock." First, we advise our clients to join as many Car Rental Preferred Clubs as possible. Usually, preferred members can go straight to the car without having to show a license to a staff member at check-in.  You will have to show identification to a staff member on the way out of the rental car lot; however the check is usually cursory.  We recommend that you flash your Georgia I.D. Card, which looks almost identical to a driver's license.

We also tell our clients to make multiple car reservations through different companies.  Between the rental car club strategy and multiple reservations, most of our clients can rent a vehicle.  Always keep in mind that a rental car company can turn you away for almost any reason.

Can I Drive A Company Car On A Restricted License?

Legally, yes. Nothing under Georgia law prohibits you from driving your company car on a restricted license. However, many companies will not allow a person to drive their vehicle because of the myriad of liability issues associated.  Also, most insurance companies will not insure a person convicted of DUI as part of a group policy.

We advise our clients who have a restricted license to discuss relevant policies with their companies. In the event that your company prohibits you from driving one of its vehicles, a little known tip is that most companies will reimburse you for mileage in your personal vehicle.

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