How much is a DUI fine in Georgia?

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DUI Fines in Georgia - DUI Penalties in Georgia

In Georgia, the minimum fine for a first DUI is $300 and the maximum fine for most DUI cases is $1000.  There are some instances when the fines can be more than $1000.  All Georgia DUI cases have additional penalties, above and beyond any fine payment. 

High and Aggravated DUI:

A DUI is a high and aggravated misdemeanor when it is a third DUI in less than ten years.  The maximum fine increased $5000.  Also, like in all high and aggravated misdemeanors, a person serving a jail sentence does not qualify for "good time credit."  This means that their sentence must be served day for day, in full.  On many ordinary misdemeanors, people in jail get as much as two days credit for every day served, provided they the inmate is well-behaved.

Felony DUI in Georgia:

When a person has a 4th DUI in Georgia, they will be prosecuted as a felony.  The maximum fine is $5000.  If convicted there is a minimum of ninety days to one year in jail, along with other serious consequences.  

Court Costs and Surcharges in Georgia:

All DUI cases include add-on costs including court costs and other surcharges.  Over the years the base fine amounts have remained the same, but the surcharges have steadily increased.  As a result, the court costs now are almost equal to the fine amount.  A $600 fine, for example, will likely have about $500 in add-on charges.  As Georgia DUI Attorneys, we try to keep the base fine down as much as possible to limit the overall cost to our clients.

Fines in Vehicular Homicide and Serious Injury by Vehicle Cases:

In serious injury and in cases where there has been a fatality, most courts spend very little time focusing on the amount of the fine. The actual punishment is the amount of prison time a person may get if convicted.   In a felony case, the court can fine a person up to $100,000.00.  However, most felony courts do not focus on financial penalties.  The issue is the real punishments associated with the offense and for restitution to be paid to the victim or victim's family.  Restitution amounts are not limited by statute.  However, a criminal defendant can contest the amount of ordered restitution through a request for a restitution hearing.

One Last Thing:

DUI Fines in Georgia affect people differently, depending on incomes and a person's net worth. As a result, for some people the fine component of a sentence is the least of their worries and for others the most.  We need to be more considerate of the poor when setting DUI Fines in Georgia.

For more information about Georgia DUI Penalties, we are available for a consultation. 

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