How Much Will a Georgia DUI Cost Me?

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The costs and financial consequences of getting a DUI in Georgia can be extensive. These costs can include fines, court fees, probation fees, counseling services, and opportunity costs (employment or education). As a Georgia DUI Lawyer, I am tasked with breaking down these costs for individuals who have been arrested for DUI so that they have a better understanding of what they are up against. 

In today's post, I will outline the typical costs that are associated with being arrested and convicted for DUI in the state of Georgia. 

The majority of DUIs in Georgia are classified as misdemeanors - however, if you receive a third Georgia DUI in a ten year period, the offense is classified as a high and aggravated misdemeanor in Georgia. A misdemeanor in Georgia carries a penalty of up to 12 months in jail and a fine up to $1,000. A high and aggravated misdemeanor in Georgia carries a penalty of up to the same 12 months in jail, but an elevated fine of up to $5,000. 

What's important to note, however, is that the majority of people who are arrested for DUI, are also facing other tickets associated with that DUI case. This can include:

This list is by no means extensive, but each offense can add to the original base fine for the DUI if the accused person is found guilty and convicted. 

For example, if you are charged with a DUI, Speeding, Failure to Maintain Lane, and Reckless Driving, you are facing fines up to $4,000 just for the violations and up to 48 months of jail time. 

Practice Note

This is where we come in. If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI in Georgia, contact our offices today. A Georgia DUI Attorney can help mitigate those costs. Our goal is to manage the expenses by limiting the number of offenses which, in turn, limits the amount of fines. This can also limit the associated court costs and other add on fees. 

There are numerous other financial consequences associated with the cost of a DUI in Georgia that I did not explore in today's post. Bottom line is that your defense starts here. Contact us now.

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