I Was Arrested For DUI in Atlanta Over The Holiday Weekend and Have Court Tuesday Morning

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Every holiday weekend, the Georgia State Patrol and Atlanta Police Department step up DUI patrols and roadside checkpoints.  What is particular to Atlanta Municipal Court is that you will have your first arraignment the Tuesday after a DUI arrest over a holiday weekend.

This court date can cause problems for people who have work, school, or other responsibilities.  Most employers will not allow a person to miss work after a long weekend.  Anyone in college will have class the Tuesday after a holiday weekend.

***Hiring an Atlanta DUI Attorney can help.  Your DUI Lawyer In Atlanta Can Appear On Your Behalf For All Initial Court Dates So that You Can Return To Work, School, Or Your Other Responsibilities.***

The Importance Of Appearing At Your Court Date:

You have a responsibility to appear in court whenever an officer charges you with a criminal offense, and you have been released on bond.

For minor traffic ticket offenses, you may be able to avoid having to appear for court by just paying a fine. (It is important to note, you are admitting guilt by paying the fine. Depending on the offense, points could be assessed onto your driver's license.)

Unfortunately, you cannot just pay off a DUI ticket online. For DUI cases, you must come to court. Missing your scheduled court date is very serious because it can result in a bench warrant and a suspension of your Georgia driver's license.

The City of Atlanta usually schedules up to five court dates for DUI cases, and technically, you are required to appear for each of these dates. These dates include Arraignment, Status, Inquiry, Final Plea, and Final Disposition of The Case. If you miss any of these court dates, a judge can issue a bench warrant for your arrest and suspend your Georgia driver's license.

Hiring an attorney can significantly minimize your trips to court. In some cases, an attorney can handle your entire case in your absence, and you will be required to attend any court appearances. In Atlanta DUI Cases, the judge permits your attorney to show up on your behalf up until the Final Plea date. The judge schedules the Final Plea days 60 days after your arrest. Clients often consider this sufficient time to give their employer notice that they will have to miss work. Your attorney can also help if you need to reschedule your Final Plea date by asking the judge for a reset.

Contact an Experienced Atlanta DUI Attorney Today!

Failing to appear for court has serious consequences and hiring an attorney ensures that the judge does not suspend your license and issue a warrant for your arrest. A DUI does not have to interfere with your work or other responsibilities. If you received a DUI this holiday weekend, contact an Atlanta DUI Lawyer today.

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