Increased Police Presence Around SunTrust Park Leads to More Arrests

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I had the opportunity to attend a baseball game at the new SunTrust Park in Cobb County Georgia.  The first thing that was apparent was the enormous police presence.

With increased law enforcement, there is an increase in the likelihood of being arrested.  Common offenses can include:


It is easy to understand how DUI enforcement is ramped up near the baseball stadium.  What may not be understood is that the police are more likely to catch DUI Drivers near the entrances to major highways.  Have a designated driver and drink responsibly.   If charged, call a Cobb County DUI Lawyer.

Possession of Marijuana:

It should not surprise anyone that people may want to use marijuana while at a game.  However, between the police presence and Braves security, there is a good chance that users will be caught.  Do not leave the game in the back of a patrol car.  Leave the marijuana at home.

Underage Possession of Alcohol:

Between fake ID's and having others purchase of alcohol, it is easy to see that people under the age of 21 will be drinking.  Be aware that there are police officers throughout the stadium.  Your parents want to see you arrive home safely, not to pick you up at the jail after bonding out.

Theft of Services:

Sneaking into a stadium is illegal. You can be charged with theft of services.  You can also be charged if you fail to pay for your taxi.


Stealing merchandise from the stores at the game is no different from theft at a store at the mall.  The main difference is that you are more likely to be caught at the Braves game because of the increased police presence.


Affray is another word for mutual fighting.  As the old saying goes, “it takes two to tango.”  When there is alcohol involved, people become more disagreeable.  Remember, the police are not going to sort out who started the fight.  They will arrest everyone involved and sort it out later. 


Family Violence can happen anywhere. When alcohol is added to the mix, it is quite common.  Make sure to limit drinking and try to resolve disputes peacefully.  Again, the police are not likely to sort things out; instead, they will arrest everyone involved.

Felony Drug Possession:

Possession of “hard drugs” such as cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, prescription drugs, and large amounts of marijuana are all felonies.  It should be obvious that not only should you not use these substances, but there is no place for them at a baseball game. 

Disorderly Conduct:

Disorderly conduct and alcohol use are close cousins.  SunTrust Park officials will not put up with behavior that disrupts the enjoyment of others.  Several people are arrested at each game for disorderly conduct. 

Public Drunkenness:

Even if you are not causing a direct disturbance, you can still be charged with being in a drunken state in public.  Drink Responsibly.  

Pedestrian Under the Influence:

After someone leaves the stadium, he or she can still be stopped and arrested for being a pedestrian under the influence.  Again, do not over-consume alcohol. 

Criminal Trespass:

Sometimes a person who is causing a fracas is asked to leave.  Please take this as an opportunity to avoid an arrest.  When you disobey a “request” to leave, you will assuredly be arrested for criminal trespass.


Along with a criminal trespass charge, you will likely be charged with obstruction if you have to be physically removed from the stadium. Most obstruction charges are misdemeanors.  However, if you fight with a police officer (or even place a hand on him or her), you will be charged with felony obstruction.  

Act Now to Protect Your Rights:

Do not let a lapse in judgment result in an arrest.  However, if charged, call Cobb County DUI Attorney Richard Lawson.  We are here to help 24/7.  Our Georgia DUI Lawyers are here when you need us most. 

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