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After a DUI conviction, many people are ordered to take a Driving Under the Influence Risk Reduction Course. It is also known as DUI School. The State of Georgia regulates these schools, and the price and curriculum are set by the State. It can be overwhelming to try and find out all the information for yourself so here are some frequently asked questions about DUI School in Georgia

What is DUI School in Georgia?

Most first time offenders in Georgia will be required to take a 20 hour DUI risk reduction course. 

There are two parts to a DUI course, the assessment component and the intervention component. Participants must complete both parts to receive a certificate of completion. 

The assessment component is completed first and consists of a 130-question screening that is used to evaluate the extent of the participant's alcohol and drug use and its impact on their driving. In theory, the outcome of the assessment determines what class is necessary. In practice, everyone takes the same course.  However, the assessment is used during the clinical evaluation to help determine how much treatment a person needs. 

The intervention component is a 20-hour course that is held over the course of several days in a group setting. Therapeutic education and peer group counseling about alcohol and drug use are just part of the course. The entire class can be completed in one weekend, but all schools are different, so it is important to find the course that best meets your schedule. Georgia has a broad range of courses to choose and classes are offered at night, on weekends, or during the week. 

For a person who has prior DUI convictions, most courts will order more than just the DUI Risk Reduction Class.  Upon a conviction for a second (or more) the judge will likely require a ridged counseling plan as well as attendance at a Mother's Against Drunk Driving Victim Impact Panel.  Of course, jail time and other consequences are common when someone has had more than one DUI offense in his or her lifetime.  

How Much Does DUI School Cost in Georgia?

The DUI Course price is set out by the law and effective July 1, 2014; all courses are $355.00. The price includes the assessment component ($100.00), the Intervention Component ($235.00), and a workbook ($20.00).  Do not pay any premium, regardless of what anyone is trying to sell.  The course cannot cost more than $355.00. 

How to Find an Appropriate Program?

The Georgia DDS website has a complete list of DUI Risk Reduction Programs. They also list what schools can be taken by an out-of-state person who gets a DUI in Georgia. 

Can the Class be Done Online?

Online classes are not accepted for people who are a resident of Georgia or if the DUI occurred in Georgia. Therefore, the offender must attend an in-person class. 

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