Is it safe to ever have a drink before driving?

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As a personal rule, I will not consume an alcoholic beverage before driving. This is an ultra-conservative point of view because I have seen many injustices in court where I was certain innocent people were convicted of driving under the influence. When combined with the fact that I am a Georgia DUI Lawyer, the target is just too big. So, as a matter of personal policy, I will not have even one adult beverage before driving.

This all being said, it is unrealistic to expect that everyone should refrain from driving after drinking responsibly. My advice is certainly never to drive while under the influence. If you choose to drink, the following tips should help avoid legal trouble:

  • Make sure to know the alcohol content and quantity of alcohol in any beverage consumed. People equate the "cup" provided as one drink. That may be factually untrue. There are high gravity beers or mixed drinks with more than one shot in them. As a result, a single "cup" may be several drinks.
  • Have a backup plan in the event you consume too many drinks. The backup plan may be a ride-sharing service, staying longer before leaving, or even getting a hotel room. All of those options are far less costly than a Georgia DUI Attorney and the other costs associated with a DUI arrest.
  • Take the advice of others. Alcohol affects a person's judgment. If someone says you appear impaired by alcohol, you can rest assured you are impaired.

Practice Note:

If you drive for a living, my advice is to follow the conservative policy of not even consuming one drink before driving. The risk is too high, and misunderstandings do happen.

If you have a CDL, my advice is not to have one drink before driving. A CDL DUI in Georgia can have severe consequences.

If receiving a DUI will lead to an automatic dismissal from your job (airline pilots, people in executive positions, people in public office, people who have company vehicles, celebrities, and people who are newsworthy) do not operate a motor vehicle after consuming any alcohol.

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