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According to the AJC, Amanda Davis has a new arraignment date of January 9th, in Atlanta Municipal Court. Arraignment is where a person charged with DUI in Atlanta enters her initial plea of guilty or not guilty.  In addition, all motions challenging the evidence must be file at or before arraignment.  That is why it is so important to hire your Atlanta DUI Attorney immediately after an Atlanta DUI Arrest. If motions are not filed timely, you will waive your right to file them and the defenses therein.  That is why time is of the essence.

Your Atlanta DUI Defense must begin within 30 days of your arrest to protect your right to drive. Your Atlanta DUI Lawyer must file for a ALS Hearing. Once the 30 day letter is filed, a skilled lawyer will investigate the case for potential legal and factual defenses to your Atlanta DUI Case. Many times police officers make mistakes. Even police officers with the best of intentions are human beings who make mistakes. That is why the Atlanta DUI Lawyers in our office investigate our case.  We never assume guilt.  Our Atlanta DUI Attorneys are trained by the same people who are prosecuting the case against you.

As for Amanda Davis, I don't assume her guilt.  She is presumed innocent until the State of Georgia convicts her with proper and admissible evidence.  I am not her Atlanta DUI Lawyer.  As a DUI Lawyer in Atlanta and a Georgia DUI Lawyer, I am an observer of her case.  I am asking my readers to presume her innocence until she either enters a guilty plea or is found guilty at trial. Being arrested dose not mean a person is guilty.

In our system, court is open to the public.  The Atlanta Municipal Court can be found at:

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