Legal Issues in Georgia Important to Drivers Under 21 Years Old

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In Georgia, the Department of Drivers Services issues points on your driver's license as a way to keep a record of any traffic violation.  Any points assessed go on your driver's history.  Georgia Traffic Ticket Attorneys are well versed on how these points affect your license.  Your driver's license can be suspended based on the points that you receive on your license.   A Georgia driver who is under 21 can have their license suspended if they get a single traffic ticket that has 4 points.  A driver who is under 18 can have their license suspended if they get a total of 4 points on their drivers record.  If you receive a citation call a Georgia Traffic Ticket Attorney for help.

You are not assessed points on your license merely because you were issued a ticket.  You have “due process” rights in the United States if you are accused of any crime or violation of the traffic laws.  As a result, you are not automatically guilty.  This is where a Georgia Traffic Ticket Lawyer specializing in drivers under the age of 21 can help.

The best way to avoid a driver's license suspension based on points is to get the ticket reduced to an offense with less or no points at all.  Our Georgia Traffic Ticket Lawyers will go to court to represent you on your traffic ticket and try to get it reduced for you.  The reduced ticket will result receiving fewer points on your driver's license.  However, the fine amount will usually remain the same and some courts will require you to complete a defensive driving course in order to receive a reduced ticket.  The reduction is critical to prevent your license from being suspended.

Another way to avoid a driver's license suspension is to go through a diversion program.  Not all courts offer a diversion program and not everyone is eligible to enter the diversion program.  Common diversion program requirements are: attend a class, complete community service hours, report each month to a probation officer, pay a monthly fee for participating in the program, write a letter about the risk of speeding and impaired driver, watching a video, or any combination of these.  If you successfully complete the diversion program your case will be dismissed and you will not receive any points on your license.  Our office has the expertise to convince the court to allow you to enter into diversion.

If you are under the age of 21 and receive a traffic ticket in Georgia, it is critical to hire experienced Georgia Traffic Ticket Attorneys to prevent your license from being suspended.  It is important to preserve your license privileges, and the best way to do that would be to prevent points from being assessed on your license.  Having a suspended license can greatly impact your life and those around you.  It can even prevent you from obtaining a job or keeping the job you already have.  If you receive a traffic ticket call us now for help.

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