Making Matters Worse When a Loved One is Arrested

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Keep Your Cool When Dealing With The Police:

I used to be surprised when I would see a husband and wife arrested together, but over the years I have seen it many times.  In the context of a DUI, sometimes a spouse or significant other gets upset about the way in which the police are treating a person they love.  

The next thing that happens is the passenger in the car is arrested for obstruction or disorderly conduct while the driver is arrested for DUI.  The complications do not end there.  For example, if both parties in a vehicle are arrested, very often there is no one left to pay for the bond.  Additionally, both occupants will likely need to hire separate attorneys, thereby increasing the cost of the legal fees.  

If you witness the arrest of someone that you care about, follow this advice:

Stay calm:  Once a police officer has decided to make an arrest, there is very little anyone can do. People have called me during an arrest, and there is nothing I could do to help. A lawyer cannot prevent the police from making an arrest.  However, once an arrest is made, then the rest of the case is handled in court.  During a trial, a police officer is merely a witness with no more pull than anyone else.  Never forget that point.

Find out where they are going to take the person being arrested:  The arresting officer can give you a great deal of useful information if you do not alienate him or her.  The first thing you need to know is to what jail they are taking the arrestee.  The police officer can even help get the arrested person processed more quickly.  The converse is also true.  Many police officers will “suggest” to the people at the jail to process a person more slowly if they have been difficult.  

Secure Funds to post bond:  You can make a cash bond or use a bonding company who will charge a percentage of the total bond.  Either way, instead of arguing with the police, get access to the funds necessary to make the bond.  

The choice is simple.  When a person you care about is arrested, you can either be arrested with them, or you can do what is necessary to be of help to the person you love. 

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